Turning Twenty Six | 26 Life Lessons

26 life lessons

Hey, I'm officially turning 26 years old yesterday! 👸 Yup, 6th of July is my birthday date. What do I feel actually turning 26? I don't even know. Hmm, in 4 years, I'm going to be 30? Really? I absolutely can't believe that. Thinking about the future really make me nervous yet life goes on and we have to face it whether you like it or not.

Nevertheless, I would like to share with you list of 26 life lesson I have learned thus far at the age 26 years old.

1. Never put 100% trust on people.
I'm sorry but I have been backstabbed way too much and I have enough.

2. Be confident in everything you do. 

3. Smile and laugh, no matter how hard the situation is. 
You know Fatina, Allah swt is always there for you and for everyone on this planet.

4. Never be afraid to try new things. 
Ait, it ain't going to hurt you!

5. Trust yourself that you will be to do it. 

trust yourself

Way before I start my career, I have this issue with myself. I keep on let those negative words affect my mind and myself thus, it hard for to be able to make the job done.

6. Put yourself first before anyone else. 
Because your heart and yourself are more crucial than anything.

7. Ignore whatever people said about myself. 
Who cares, right? They said bad things about me, all I need to do is lift my head up and walk straight. They ain't know about me at all. Nothing. Nadaaa. Zero. Zilch.

8. Never look back. 
Make the past as a lesson, concentrate on what you do right now and think what you do now is for the best in your future life.

9. Quality is far better than quantity. 
Which, apply on friends. Stick with a friend who truly knows who you are and still accepts you.

10. People who look down on me, thank you 
but hey, I think you are having issue with yourself. Better stay away from me, please. Thank you

11. Open yourself to know more people.
 Enough of hiding, Fatina.

12. Should try read other than contemporary and read more diverse books!
Try to read more fantasy, new adults, fiction, thriller, mystery, and sci-fi! Try reading #diversebooks

13. Always and always bring your journal anywhere you go and do not forget to take note. 
Because you tend to forget things you need to remember.

14. Health is your priority. 
Drink more milk (chocolate milk, please), take your vitamins!

15. Grab the opportunity given to you! 
Never afraid to take it. Because you just never know. Only Allah swt knows best.

16. People deserve a second chance. 
But that's the limit.

17. Never let yourself hurt by someone who gives criticism over things you're doing.
Because it's not worth your time at all. It is not your problem, Fatina. They are. Never let their words affect you!

18. You may not be able to change anyone else but you're definitely able to change yourself.
 Change for the better you.

19. Love yourself, love your body, love people who love you.
 Spread love, not hate.
20. Appreciate every little thing you have and what you receive. 

21. You have to stand up for yourself!
There will be no one going to help you but only you who could help yourself. Never expect anyone to be there for you 24/7. Be brave!

22. Be brave to say NO to people.
It's okay to say NO to whatever people want you to do.
It's okay to say NO to anything else that's bothering you.
It's okay, Fatina! It's okay!

23. Be more diligent and consistent is the key!

24. Never afraid to take risks!

25. It's okay to fail once, but make sure, only once.
 The second time, you need to fight as hard as you can to make sure it will be successful! If you want success, you need to concentrate and do your best!

26. Last but not least, always be positive and take it easy but serious at the same time and be happy!


Life is never easy, there will be many obstacles and challenges in the future we all need to face. Whether we like it or not, we have to go through all of that to be at the best place that we have been aiming for.

Anyway, thank you for all for your warm wishes, it absolutely made my day. Thank you so much! 😘💋

 Well, Happy Birthday to me! 🎉🎂


nadiah izzaty said…
Fatinnnn~ Happy belated birthday!!! Stay healthy, be strong, keep blogging keep motivate people to read more books ( I mean motivate me ) hahaha , wish you all the best for your future.

I loveee all the 26 points . Everything are awesome and true!!! =)
atheera dayana said…
All the points are so truee!
I am going to be thirty soon ah there's still a lot for me to achieve
Happy birthday 🎉

Atheera / http://atheeradayana.com
Nurul Afifah said…
Loving these lesson/reflection so much and can relate to most it like trusting myself more (still a far way to go) and opening up to other (way way far to go). Though #3 smile and laugh, no matter how hard the situation is as reality is just the most important thing of all.

Happy birthday dear! I'm sorry that I totally forgot to wish you.
Eyqa Zq said…
Happy belated birthday Fatina and all of those live lesson is so inspiring. Keep it up dear!
Siqah Hussin said…
Nak wish kat sini jugak lah. Hihi. Happy Birthday Fatina! I love all your 26 life lesson <3
Emy Jia said…
Happy birthday, your 26 life lesson simple and deep. Absolutely agree.
rasya said…
Congrats in turning 26!
hehehe thank you so much, nadia! :D
trusting ourselves is just...eemmm need more time to convince ourselves :D

Thank you, afifah :)