Why I Don't Have Mood To Write

The whole month of Syawal, I have been so lazy to write or even finding the idea for my blog. I absolutely do not know why though I have been sitting in front of my laptop like literally every day and yet, just looking around here and there on my blog and sometimes, I do blog walk. Jeez, that's bad but I can't help it.


To add to that miserable self, my cat went missing for a week!!! 😭 I was in panic mode since I did not find her anywhere near my house. My heartfelt so painful that I ignore all my work, shove it aside because I could not concentrate doing my job. The first day without her...its like a life without a rainbow. She is my everything. She always follows me everywhere in the house even sleeping with me, so it felt so hard when she is not there with me.

I do realize we have another cat whom the name is Sushi live with us and of course, I love her the same as I love Moshi(my first cat). Even Sushi keep on meowing around the house searching for Moshi and have lost her appetite.

Alhamdulillah, yesterday(24th of July) early morning (6 am), Moshi meow loudly in front of our door and there are no words can ever describe how happy, grateful we are seeing her back at home safe and sound even though she is so skinny than the last time we see her.

Seeing her now with me by my side make my life feel complete again. For that being said, here I am writing again for my blog that I have left it hanging for a bit too long.

Hopefully, I can get out from writing slump as soon as possible and literally out from writer's block!


Have you ever experiencing losing your cat?


Munirah Mn said…
Haha writer's block is annoying isn' it? 😂 I experienced that sometimes. But lately I enjoy reading threads on twitter that some of them even inspired me to write a certain topic on my blog. I have one pending in my archive, and will continue to write soon 😁 anyway, thank God your cat's back and all the best for your blog! do visit me sometimes: willyou-readthis.blogspot.com
Mayy Jie said…
Alhamdulillah jumpa balik...Sedihnyaaa mai faham sangat T_T... Pernah hilang juga, rasa macam hilang sebahagian dari diri sendiri.
very annoying! :( Alhamdullillah, she's coming back safe and sound and that's all matters :)
Sure, I'll visit yours soon :D
Alhamdulillah, Mai. Gigil badan rasa hilang dia :( kan, rasa kosong je hmm