3 Book Series/Trilogy/Saga I Probably Not Going To Read

As a fan of a Young Adult genre, I am very much enjoying each of the books I have read and excited to discover more Young Adult books but from the majority books, I love there is teeny tiny that I have not yet pick to read and probably not going to(?) despite all of the books have turned into a movies. I don't know. I'm not sure if I'm going to read them. Might be yes or might be not. We will see how the plan goes. BUT! This all has nothing related to the hype never because of the author but probably it is not up to my liking. So, that is that.

Now, let see what are the books that have turned into movies that I probably not be going to read the books.

Anyway, the first book that I don't (or maybe) think I'm going to read it is - Divergent Series. Sadly but that's what happens.

books I decided not to read

Let's be honest here. I have read Divergent around 2 years ago (I only realized it turn into a movie after I saw it on HBO lol). I do remember borrowing it from the library because it's already become a movie so, I have to read it. The first movie is amazing and I enjoy watching it but reading not so much enjoyable as I hope hence, I decided not to pick the second and third book and probably I won't pick it. I'm sorry to the fans out there but I'm afraid it is not to my liking. Of course, I watched all three movies but out of three - Allegiant is really a 'meh' to me.

Move on to the second book, it has already become a movie and I watch them all and I know everyone really loves the book and they enjoy it very much but sadly, I'm not one of them. :( The book that I'm going to mention is The Hunger Games Trilogy.


I'm not sure why I do not want to pick this book. Might be because I so enjoyed watching the movie that made me to not pick this book. I love Katniss Everdeen character. She is brave, she is strong, a survivalist. There are many bookworms love the book so much but I don't understand myself why I did not feel the book catch my heart to read.

And the last book series/trilogy/saga I'm going to mention here that I probably would not going to read is - The Twilight Saga I know I know who does not love Twilight? I do love and watch Twilight movie but I haven't read the book at all.


Here is the thing - Twilight movie - amazing and I love it very much. I am #teamjacob. Not a fan of Edward Cullen. But unfortunately, I'm not interested at all to read the book and I don't even know why! Every single time I set my mind to buy the book, it only leads me to pick other books instead of what I have been planning to buy. Always. The minute I pick the book when it is on my hands I keep thinking 'do I really want to read it?' and that makes me put it back on the shelves. There is something (obviously, myself) make me decide not to read Twilight saga.

I do not have a concrete reason to give - why I refuse to read those books I have mention. I only could tell you is that I didn't feel to read them. Like, it does not intrigue me enough to make me have the book and start reading. One thing for sure, the books have always been loved by many bookworms around the world and I'm happy that the fact everyone loves them. It might be me whose heart is really persistent to not want to read it.

Please, do not be offended by what I have written about. Because this is all about me and I'm pretty sure I could give my own opinion on this matter, right? 

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Do you have book series/trilogy/saga that you probably would not planning to read?


rasya said…
I couldn't finish divergent because of the book ending. Couldn't believe the author decided to *bleep* the main character.
Afifah Nabila said…
I read the first two trilogies before the sequel movies came out just to find out what would happen next hehe. I started reading Twilight months ago but I couldn't help but hate Bella. I felt like she was quite dull, maybe masih terbawa-bawa dengan the Bella in the Twilight movies. I'm a #teamjacob too! I'm not very fond of Edward, I wonder why.
OMG! I'm so agreed with you on Bella's character. She is so I don't know what to say but I don't like her character at all. Because Edward in the movie looks kind of awkward? err, that's what I think
Hanis Amanina said…
In Twilight, I found Alice to be more interesting than Bella. :D
Nurul Aida said…
I have read divergent and twilight series but not the hunger games. I feel youuuu, I also think Allegiant movie is 'meh'. I was disappointed when I finished reading the book and found out that the main character dead....
Hanis, Alice is Edward's sister, right? Kita lupa T_T
Kan!! I heard that!! Why the need to killed the main character??
nadiah izzaty said…
Nadia tak pernah baca trilogy books. Sebab ntah tak berminat sgt pun.

Tapi, I watched all the thrilogy series movies as well.

Twilight mmg tak pyh ckp lah my fav one after harry potter . Then , i totally adore the Katniss bravery.

Agree with you, allegiant also a meh for me. Hmmm =)

Sorry sebab lama tak sggh sini. =)
Tak apa. Faham, Nadia pun busy :)

frust dengan Allegiant :(