A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray | Book Review

Firebird Trilogy, Book Review
Title: A Million Worlds With You
Author: Claudia Gray
Publication Date: 1st November 2016
Publisher: HarperTeen, Harper Collins Publisher
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance


A million universes. A million dangers. One Destiny.

The fate of the multiverse rests in Marguerite Caine's hand. Marguerite has been at the center of cross-dimensional feud since she first traveled to another universe using her parents' invention, the Firebird. Only now has she learned the true plans of the evil Triad Corporation - and those plans could spell doom for dozens or hundreds of universes, each facing total annihilation.

Paul Markov has always been at Marguerite's side, but Triad's last attack has left him a changed man - angry and shadowed by tragedy. He struggles to overcome the damage done to him, but despite Marguerite's effort to help, Paul may never be the same again.

So it's up to Marguerite alone to stop the destruction of the multiverse. Billions of lives are at stake. The risks has never been higher. And triad has unleashed its ultimate weapon: another dimension's Marguerite - wicked, psychologically twisted, and one step ahead.

In the conclusion to Claudia's Firebird trilogy, fate and family will be questioned, loves will be won and lost, and the multiverse will be forever changed. It's a battle of the Marguerites..and only one can win.

I think you have been following me for a very long time, you know that I am very much loving Firebird trilogy. It is my favourite science fiction/fantasy ever! Thank you, Claudia Gray, for writing such an insanely beautiful novel.

Words for the third Firebird trilogy - Intense plot but Loveable. 

Before I start my proper review, should I list down the dimension that Marguerite been to? or that will be spoilt the book way too much, right? I think I should not but gosh, that's hard because I really want too!! But, I guess I won't.

Anyway, right from the first page, you just could not be feeling relax at all because the Wicked - a name for the bad version of Marguerite has made her appearance. She is the worst "Marguerite" ever!! and I hate her so much! She has no humanity, not feeling guilty for what she has done, whatsoever. The fact that the real Marguerite need to save every Marguerite in every dimension while trying to catch her is just - Oh my goodness, my heart has been ripped way too much for what has happened in those dimensions.

To made Marguerite feeling even worst - Paul pulling himself from Marguerite because he claims he is not the same Paul she used to know. What had happened in Firebird #2 when Paul soul has been splintered. The damage Triad has done to him has made Paul a different person and Marguerite trying her best to make Paul realize he is the same person she loves and she wants Paul to realize that in every dimension she been to - Marguerite and Paul are meant to be together. Destiny has done so. He needs to trust the destiny created for them to be together.

I salute to Claudia Gray because she has successfully making Marguerite's character even more wonderful! Because you are talking about Marguerite being in every different kind of Marguerite in every dimension. The characters' personality were all different. Because if it was me, I know I'm getting all confused. Like who is who but applaud to Marguerite she made it!

Aside from that, I do feel slightly a bit devastated by Paul Markov. Like, I'm tired with the push and pull between the two of them. Come on tell me, do you want her or not!!

The third trilogy has so many things that I want from the first book I read. Each dimension in each of the book is phenomenal. It's like I could see the world through Marguerite's eyes. Reading the Firebird trilogy has left me thinking - What if we do have another version of us from another dimension? How am I supposed to react to that, if I got the chance to meet another version of me?

I truly enjoy Claudia Gray's writing. Very straight forward, easy to digest each of the words and the most crucial thing is that her writing has gripped me to the core that made me hard to put the book down. I love how her writing has made me feels like I am in the book, meet all the characters, seeing all the dimensions - it feels REAL!

All in all, I am so satisfied with the ending and I truly enjoy and love the book from the beginning of the Firebird trilogies.

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 Have you read Firebird trilogies? If you have, what do you think? Do you love it? If not, why?


Eyqa Zq said…
I agree 300% with you. The plot is so lovable! Reading the last trilogy be like this is what have been planted in my imagination before. Like 'What will happen when marguerite speaks with her other selves', and 'if marguerite had been this so powerful chracter with all the perfect traveller and so, who will be her rival that as the same powerful level as her'.

The third trilogy was a mindblown! Love it so much.
I know right! It feels amazing. It feels..real! Especially when Marguerite visiting Cloneverse. That dimension was the best and one of my favourite. :)