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Ever since, moving into the new house (you know, living in a landed property) has turned me into an active person compared to me when living in a condo. Here I only have to open the gates and start my engine (not car engine, obviously lol 😜) for running.

Product Review

Nowadays, running is a form of to live a healthy lifestyle and that's what I intend to do to lead a healthy way of living. Ever since I was a kid, I always love swimming compared to running but now, I guess I want to start something new? Anyway, my sister, she is a fencing player whom always go for a run, well she wants me to join her running too and I say, yes. So, I start to join her running after moving to the new house. I never thought running is a fun activity but heck yeah, it is fun! While running you can plug in your earphone listen to the music, enjoy the view, however, after running for like 30 minutes or so my calf start burning in pain. I don't know if it's me I have always having that kind of things happen when I'm running and duh, I hate that. I don't know how to describe it but it is like, cramp? I think? Hmm 🤔

Hence somewhere last week, I have received this gift, an amazing gift which I really loved and very handy to use has come making my life wonderful. Okay. The product is not in a sense that making your pain at your calf vanish when you wearing it but it helps in putting a pressure on your calf that helps you running with ease and that's what I felt when I'm wearing LASTS Premium Calf Compression Sleeve. Now, I don't have to stop anymore. I always need to stop for at least 5 minutes before starting to run again because that's what has always happened to me.

Product Review

Here let me share the main seller of outdoor gear product in Malaysia - PTT Outdoor and one of the best product is LASTS Premium Calf Compression Sleeve Malaysia. The sleeve is very comfortable to wear, it's made of Nylon with double stitching, you seriously do not have to worry when there is a lot of movement because it is elastic fit. So go and use it on whatever and how many movements there are going to be, it won't be any problem. I like the compression it gives at my calf and most importantly, for me, the comfiness. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, it comes in two different sizes, M and L. Let me show you, the measurements;

size chart

This is all solely based on my own experience on wearing LASTS™ Premium Calf Compression Sleeve Malaysia. It might differ from you. So, if you like to try the sleeve, here is the website for you to visit - PTT Outdoor

Product Review

Till next post. 💘

Thank you for the product given in exchange for an honest review.


Nurul Afifah said…
But I hate running T_____________T

Though this is brilliant.
Sameeee... but somehow, I just got the momentum and start to love running :)
i know right :)
Siqah Hussin said…
Dah lama tak lari. Adoii T_T
zety said…
I think i should seriously start jogging! Err!!!
let's start, now! :D
and Zety, you are back! yay!