Struggle in Blogging in the Past 4 months

As you may know, I haven't properly blog for nearly 3 months and that has made me feel guilty for abandoning my blog. Not that I want to abandon my blog but it is all because I don't have a laptop though I did publish a post using my mom's laptop. It just the feeling of writing is not the same as having your own. You do get what I mean, right? So, here is what I want to share with you what I feel living without a laptop in hand.

1. I Do Not Have The Energy To Find A Blog Post Ideas

In a second my laptop broke down, I broke down too. I do not have the mood to looking for blog post ideas. I just push it all away just like that. I feel so sad, miserable at the same time. It's like your energy just flushes away. Just like that.

2. Decreasing in the Numbers of Readers/Visitors

When there is no post publish for the month meaning there is no one will visit your blog that means your page views drop so bad and it feels so sad seeing the numbers. You know that feeling when you have been constantly at a good phase of blogging and you put all your hard works on writing, looking for ideas even taking pictures for the sake of your blog and the next month, boom the numbers slash down.

3. Blogging on Smartphone Does Not Feel the Same

Yes, I did use my smartphone to publish a post on my blog. It feels weird not touching the keyboard, like the real keyboard the sound tapping here and there. ergh. I was really wanted to publish a post but I didn't have a laptop in my hand because mom's taking it with her to the office, hence I have no other option left other than my phone. So, there you go. Phone, it is. But I do not satisfy on how it looks on my blog. Those photos were so weird and I hate it.

4. Avoiding From Reading Other People's Blog

Not having a laptop leads to no blogging which has made avoid reading other people's blog. That's a lie if I said I did not read all bloggers' blog because I do read few bloggers' blog which in my bloggers & bookish list that I have put on my sidebar. However, I'm sorry for other bloggers if I didn't read yours because I'm afraid it will make me feel even sadder not having to blog AND because using a smartphone to blogwalk is not feel the same! Do you understand that?

In short, when your laptop broke down all things you have been planning and scheduling to do has abruptly vanished and that has cost your energy/moods pull out right away. BUT. But that does not mean you should give up just because all of it has gone, right? You can baby steps again just like what you did before. You shouldn't be afraid to start over again and try to gain your energy back. Well, slowly but surely I will and you will be going to find and catch that energy/mood to blog, to write, to share your thoughts and happiness again with your bloggers' friends because if blogging makes you happy, why give up? Because I am doing my best to find it and secure it back.

Have you ever been in such situation? How do you gain it back? What has motivated you to blog again?


BELLA said…
when someone left a comment on my post, i feel like motivated and wanna post more
Nurul Afifah said…
I never been in such condition. Oh my how grateful I am that my blog has been so good for me for all these years. #alhamdulillah haha.


Even though I have never been into this situation, I do try to blog with my phone for some time and I agree with you. It was horrible. Practical but so not satisfying. I gave up. I say screw technology, I'm staying with my laptop.
rasya said…
I coulnd't imagine not having my laptop around. It's basically a part of my life. The thing is when blogging using smartphone you tend to make a typo more *I blame this on the small keyboard
kaella said…
i feel you, blogwalking with phone is not same as blogwalking with laptop.
Exactly! I love when someone left a comment :)
Alhamdulillah :)

Kan! Without laptop our life feels so empty, miserable :(

THAT'S WHAT I FEEL! Horrible! Ergh. Smartphone is good for twitter/instagram/whatsapp but not a good choice to blog with it!
OMG! It is! Even messaging I always and will always tend to make a typo blergh
Nurul Afifah said…
lol. on the flip side, if i have no smartphone, i'm not instsgramming or whatsapping anyone ever.
Siqah Hussin said…
"Blogging on Smartphone Does Not Feel the Same" - AGREE!!!

Gambar tak center dan tak in full size. Itu paling tak gemar kalau update guna phone. Sekarang jenuh lah Siqah nak edit balik entri yang post guna phone dulu. Huhu.
kannn!! paling geram tang gambar bila bukak kat desktop terus rasa "masha Allah, awat teruk benor ni :("

jenuh nak edit. Fatin baru edit satu je post hehe
zety said…
After reading your post, should i write my struggle in blogging...I "abandoned" my blog way too long I think.

I just comeback with a new blog post but I dont know when to publish next post. I have same problems as yours. My laptop broke down!!! When my laptop broke down its means my ideas too.

Btw,rebranding your blog? Nice one fatina!
I think you should. It's a good way to start your writing 'engine' back again :D

We are in the same shoes! No laptop means no blogging :(


Welcome back, Zety! :D

yeapp. thank you :)
zety said…
Yeah when the tools for blogging is gone so does the ideas 😩😩
Ideaaaaaaa takdaaaa tu paling sadis sekali situasi jadi blogger haha, keep on blogging Fatina.
yuha said…
feeling it right help me.....
kannn sadis sangat!
you too, shaf :) Keep blogging :)
sofie!! buat brainstorming idea hehe :)
Fahmi said…
I've tried to blogging with a smartphone and like you said it does not feel the same
Fatina said…
I know right. It feel weird. I just hate it.