WWW Wednesday | August 16, 2017

august 16, 2017

This meme is hosted by Sam on Taking On A World of Words. You only have to answer three simple question which is:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you will read next?

It is a simple of Now, Next and Then.

Anyhow, this is my first time joining a bookish meme. I have always wanted to join the fun but always missing the time to join. But.. not today, not today. Okay. Before, I'm rambling way too much...let's begin.

Currently Reading:

the girl who could see, a million worlds with you

In the beginning of August, I have been started my reads on The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson. It is a story about Fern who can see something that nobody can see and she has been claimed crazy because of that.

Yesterday, I pick another book to read which is A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray. Ahh.. what should I say? The starting of the first chapter is...I would say, it is so intense.

Oh! I almost forgot. The third book I am currently reading is Kiss Me in New York by Catherine Rider. Again, I start my reading yesterday.

Okay..Let's move on to what I have recently finished reading

love in the friend zone, breakaway

I have finished two books last week. The first book was Love in The Friend Zone by Molly E. Lee. I received the book from the publisher through NetGalley. What should say? I love and enjoy it very much. Being in love with your best friend is..the hardest thing because you're talking about friendship here and...no I do not want to spoil anything here. Opps!

Next is, Breakaway by Cate Cameron. I received the book from the publisher through NetGalley. A girl who does not want to start a relationship with another hockey player because she has enough of that. When love is stronger than that, she just can not escape from it.

Lastly, what I'm going to read next?

once and for all

I'm planning to read Once and For All by Sarah Dessen. There are many bookworms around the world love the book so much and I want to know what, why and if it could make love as much as other love the books. I'm so looking forward to reading Once and For All by Sarah Dessen.

What is your current reading? What book have you finished reading? and What are you planning to read next?


Laurel-Rain Snow said…
I am curious about them all...and I've been wanting to read something by Sarah Dessen.

Enjoy! Welcome to our little bookish event. Here's
I know right. I have yet read any of Sarah Dessen and I'm very much anticipating to read all of her books, hence this will be the starting :D

Yay! Thank you <3
rasya said…
Sarah Dessen is one of my favourites author but I still don't have the time to read her latest book lol. Too many books in my TBR list.
Hanis Amanina said…
I am currently reading Cakar Ayam Seorang Doktor :D
This is my first time going to read Sarah Dessen's book and maybe you can recommend me her books? :)
Oh. Never heard of that book. What am I doing? T_T Anyway, who is the author, hanis? :)
Hanis Amanina said…
it is a collection of stories from different doctors :D Very interesting as they share medical conditions in general terms / Layman :D
Fatina, can you give me some tips to be a bookworm? hehe setiap kali tengok orang udate pasal buku rasa jealous tapi satu buku pun payah nak habis :D
sure, shaf. :D erm erm, well you can watch more booktubers on youtube that might make you inspire to read also you can pick one book from your bookshelf that you truly want to read start to read immediately and at least 2-3 pages per day or join a book club also could motivate you to read :D I hope that helps hehe :D
I see hehe enjoy your reading, Hanis! :D
rasya said…
I love Lock and Key and Just Listen. Give it a try xD
Alright! Put it in my list now! :D Thanks, Rasya!