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Besides, reading my all-time favourite Young Adult novels, I'm also enjoying reading a Malay Fixi Novels from Buku Fixi publication. The book's title that been published by Buku Fixi is only one word and the theme is must be urban and fresh!

Let me share you a bit of what attracted me to start reading Fixi novel. Honestly, I didn't notice the existence of the book, though of course, it is there, sits handsomely on the bookshelf at the bookstore! It just at that moment I was so into Malay novels. Well, one day, one of my friend on my Instagram account start to share how amazing the book is an all and knowing me, I'm definitely, curious about it. I was like, I need to get the book and see what is great about it and I got hook by it.

For now, I have only 11 Fixi books. It should be 13 books but I was a student at that time and I need money, so yeah. You know what I mean, it is hard to sell a book. Okay. Trust me, it is hard and I don't like it but the situation has had made me done it.

Okay, let's not talk about that. I'm going to share my favourite among the 11 books I have in my possessions. Here it is;

Buku Fixi

Kelabu by Nadia Khan is the best. I love her writing, I love how she can write something that we thought was like this when it turns out its different from what we think. It's complicated but that is what I'm looking for. Different. I have to recommend if you want to start reading a Fixi Novel, do buy Kelabu by Nadia Khan and read it! You will get what I mean.

Buku Fixi

Licik by Sham Hashim, Julie Anne. I don't remember what was it all about because I'm reading this way back in 2013. All I know was something to do with being a con artist. Very cunning trying to get more money in every way they can.

Buku Fixi

Asrama by Muhammad Fatrim. Now, onto the horror genre. If you have an experience study at boarding school, I bet you are going to have many horror stories, isn't it? I have never been in boarding school, so I was curious and always heard many stories from my friends so, I pick this book and I love it though, it is scary. LOL

Buku Fixi

Kacau by Ariff Adly. Save last for the best, guys! Kacau by Ariff Adly is another horror story that I truly enjoy reading it and I have been reading it more than 3 times even though, it scares the shit out of me. Gosh! Right after reading it, going to the toilet during the night is scary. Like, SCARY! I mean it!

A group of friends start dying in gruesome ways after a game of Spirit of the Coin goes wrong. The survivors try to save themselves but one of them has something to hide... 

Worth mentioning here, Gantung by Nadia Khan is my other favourite Fixi Novel. You should check it out! Anyway, frankly speaking, the two Fixi Kombo! I have not read it yet! But I will do read the two as soon as I can! It has been so long sitting on my bookshelf and it is the time to pick them up.

What is your favourite Fixi Novel?


disqus_2V12Pjcph7 said…
selalu tengok buku buku ni, teringin nak baca hehe
Kelabu. Forever favourite
rasya said…
I'm not a fan of Fixi books (have tried several of them and the writing style is simply not my cup of tea) BUT my brother loves their books so there are tons of Fixis' at home.
Mayy Jie said…
Mai suka semua buku Ariff Adly, Kacau, Gelap, Mereka. Hehe.
yeah. they have free writing style. It's more like, macam percakapan tiap hari kita and using more simple words lah kan. I think so. anyway, wow! peminat fixi sungguh!
Fatin tak baca lagi Gelap and Mereka! hehe kena cari nanti :D
Siqah Hussin said…
Kelabu is the best. Yes! Kelabu adalah buku fixi pertama yang Siqah baca. Dua hari je baca buku tebal tu. hehe.

Siqah dah baca semua buku karya Nadia Khan. Kacau dah beli ebook tapi tak baca lagi.

Fatina dah baca Asrama 2 ke? Best tak? Nak beli jugaklah Asrama.
Eyqa Zq said…
I'm too not really a fan of Fixi, but maybe someday I'll try to read it. :D Thank you for your sharing Fatina. :D
Kelabu serious best!! Favourite :D

Asrama 2? belum baca lagi. Haritu nak beli tapi letak balik tak tau kenapa hehe tapi nak kena beli juga ni hehe
Eyqa, try lah pick one Fixi. Maybe you can try Kacau by Ariff Adly :)