Create Your Own Personalized Gift With Printicious

I have always wanted to create a custom gift that will be different from any other gift they will ever receive. Something that makes them feel special when they receive the gift. A gift that no one ever going to find it anywhere in the market. It always what I wanted and I'm sure you too would like to have a custom gift to someone special in your life, isn't it? Guess what? I found a website that has what I and you want! The website that has it all is Printicious.Com

Aren't you feel excited? Because I am! Let's discover what they have for us!


What is a personalized gift?
A personalized gift is a gift that you custom your gift the way you want. Using your own photo, your own words and print it either it is in a tee shirt, mug, cushion. canvas in anyhow you want it to be at. 

So, why do you personalized your gift?
Well, I guess the answer is super freaking obvious, right? Because you want it to be from your heart. To make it the way you want, to make yourself happy and satisfied with the end product. 

Okay, now tell me, don't you want to give a gift that's custom by you? A gift that will really make someone special in your life feels very special and ecstatic when they receive it!

As their tagline has said - -Precious Gift From Your Heart.


As you can see, there are many ways to customize your gift! Don't tell me you are not excited to see this because I AM! Wait! Wait! I know you're now confusing as I am - which product should we pick, am I right? I guess we need to see it either is for decoration or something that you want them to use your product at least every day? Hiks.

Okay okay. Keep it down keep it down. Let me show you how to customize your gift!

The very first step, you have to, of course, create an account. You can just click "MEMBER" right on the above page of their site. After you have successfully created your account, you can click the "Create" and choose your item.


As for me, I choose T-shirts. So, pick one of the three shirts to display there and click it and it will bring you to;


Then click the "Customize It" button.


When you click that, it will show you this. This is where you are going to pour out your creativity to create your own wonderful t-shirt you want! After you have finished customizing your shirt/other products, check your size, the quantity - how many you would like to purchase and then, just click add to cart! Complete your details including your payment and shipping method. Walla! Fin. Easy, doesn't it? I told ya! Have fun to customize your product!

I can't wait to see how my products will look like! Certainly, I'm going to share with you here.

the infinity words

Anyway, have any of you try Printicious before? If you do, why not share with me, how was your product?

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ana suhana said…
Ana dah pernah beli dr Printcious ni. Memang best barang2 dia. Penghantaran cepat dan brg pun berkualiti.
wahh fatin belum try beli lagi! takpe soon hehe :) menarik tu penghantaran cepat and yg penting berkualiti kan :D