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Learning new language is always a fun thing to do. Knowing that right now we have one language in our hand that we are very much good in talking and writing, so why not start learning other languages? It ain't hurt. Furthermore, adding one more language to ourselves has its own advantage. I know, you know and we know English is not a new language. It's a language been widely used by every people around the world.

We have been learned English every since we were a kid but how good we are with the language? Even myself, I do realize it is still a long way to go to learn and master the English language. Nowadays, be it at work, school, travel any part of the world - English is the most important language to speak, write and understand it. Whether you like it or not, you need to learn the language. Afterall, it is for your own good.

Disclaimer: I may not the best person to teach English but I would love to share how I learn English in my everyday life. 

There are few tips I would love to share with you. Without further ado, let's begin.

Number One. Watch English Movie Without Having Any Subtitles and/or Listen To The Music

I always believe that to learn a language you do need to listen and hear all the words been said by the other people especially on how they pronounce the words, how the make conversation going on between the two (or more) people. I think that will interest people more to learn English. As there are visuals for them to see and words they will listen to. Pick a movie that you love to watch with that, it will make you want to watch and listen to their words! For me, I love to watch The Italian Jobs (2003) and 13 Going On 30. Being watching both it thousand times.

Listen to English music is so helpful to learn the language.

Number Two. Read. Read. Read!


This is where you will learn more words and will find new words. For that, you do need to have an English Dictionary or the easiest way, download English Dictionary apps! If you like to highlight words on your book then, do it. Highlight the words you do not know and later, find the meaning. Don't forget to jot down the words somewhere. It will be great to have a notebook/journal specifically for you to write down the words. By reading, you will gain more vocabulary from it.

Another way, if you really not into reading but you love to watch Korean, the Philippines, Mandarin/Taiwanese drama or movie, why don't you put an English subtitle. It will also definitely help you to learn the language. At least, that's fun, right?

Number Three. Speak.

Speak in front of the mirror - talk to yourself and listen to each of the words you said. Even better, find a friend who is willing to have a conversation in English with you and can help you to how to build a sentence. It doesn't matter if you said it wrong, there is no right and wrong when you talk with your friend/family. Just say it because every time you speak in English, you will learn and know how to make the sentence without worrying at all. By the end of the day, you are going to master the language.

Those three are the basic things you hearing every second you want to learn the language, isn't it? Okay, let's move on to the other things in learning the language.

Number Four. Making A Mistake is Okay.

If you want to learn, of course, there will be a mistake being made. Even myself, in this small space of mine writing in English, is still the scariest thing ever Because I do make mistake here and there. But if I didn't do any mistake, how am I supposed to learn? How would I know if it is the right words? Isn't that true? By making mistake you will learn to improve.

Number Five. Never Afraid!

I have to admit myself, here. I always afraid to speak and write in English. Why? Because I'm afraid If there people who are going to condemn me. Afraid that people will say to me - stop using the language because you're no good. Well, that some of the things that people said. But last year I made my mind to start using English here on my blog. I don't care if people going to condemn me, I'm going to change it to a positive form for me to improve on how I use the language, to write it better.

What I can say that just ignore those people behind because if they choose to condemn you for using the language then you better stay away from them if you think you could not cope with those.

Most people will always try to correct our grammar, right? For that matter, I never thought that as a bad thing. In fact, it will be super helpful for you to improve how you write and speak.

Number Six. Practice Makes It Perfect.

Practice, practice, and practice! To master the language, you need to practice. You can buy a grammar book to learn more in depth about grammar and do the activity provided in the book or just google it, you will find many interesting exercises for you to do. I think we all have grammar issue. I do realize I make quite a number of grammar mistake here and there because of that, I do exercise that I found on the web.

Most of all, try to make a fun activity to make it more interesting for you to learn the language. I don't know. Maybe, you can play games with people from other country and try to talk to them. Or maybe, as what we always do at school make one day to speak only English. There are many activities to make it more fascinating.

I think that's all for now. My cat keeps meowing at me and I do not know what she wants. She already eats her food, poop, and sleep. Well, she's pregnant, right now. But? I still don't know what she wants.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my writing tips today. Hopefully, when I found other tips about learning the language, I will certainly get back to you. Okay? I see you on next post.

How do you improve your English language?


Noor Azlan said…
Belajar English dari tadika, sampai sekarang pun tak pandai2 lagi, mungkin sebab anak jawa kot.. hihi... nice tips Fatina...
Fatina pun tak hebat mana jugak. Terkedek kedek lagi ni hehe.. thank you :)
Huda Kamil said…
This is a good exposure. Like myself, am having a difficulty to speak and talk in English. But I need to challenge myself by talking and searching for the new word including with the meaning. Try to write at least one sentence per day. I do agree by watching english movie without the subitle. It is a practice for our ear to listen and lips to follow how they speak 😊
Azreen Sofia said…
I love this sooo much! I do improve my english by writing blog, for sure. I hate reading books, & tbh, I learn english dari blog u & some other bloggers yang good in English.
Me either. Having difficulty to converse in english. I think one of it because having low self-esteem but you know, you gotta do it what you gotta do it. Ignore what others said and just do it, and also try to improve it. Yup, agree with you. Search at least one words with the meaning of it every day :)
I know right! Improving our english through writing is good. I am to learning english from other bloggers who write in English. Because definitely it is also one way to improve our English :)
Nice tips! It's hard to learn English if you don't make any mistake. ;)
A'ishah Kamaludin said…
Nice tips! My english banyak improve after listening to podcast. Macam radio cum audiobook lah lebih kurang