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beauty review

When I was in high school, my acne is quite bad. It keeps popping whether, on my forehead, nose, and cheeks and I am so stressed about it. It did affect my self-confidence. Ahhh! Remembering makes me really sad. My mom has bought me a lot of skin care products to reduce my acne from popping out on my face. Does it reduce my acne? Not really. Maybe the product is not suitable for my face. Not until I watch an advertisement on TV about Garnier and told my mom, I wanted to try it. Tadaaa, it works wonderfully on my face.  I have been using Garnier since 2008 and has been loyal to Garnier until today.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored product. It's a beauty product that I want to share with you that I use in my daily life. Thank you.

Frankly speaking, I have tried a lot of Garnier Face Wash and I absolutely love every single of it. So, last month, when I make a trip to Guardian to buy my face wash, I saw a new product from Garnier - Pure Active Fruit Energy in orange packaging and I grab it without thinking anything. Okay, I have to admit the packaging is really attractive, the color is vibrant makes me want to buy and try it.

beauty review

Isn't it the packaging beautiful? or is it me? lol Anyhow, like I mentioned before, it is a Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy to clears acne and brighten our skins. Let me share with you what it stated behind the product.

Innovation: A sensational fruity foam, that will instantly activate your skin. It cleanses deeply to eliminate impurities, clear acne, reduce oil and brighten skins.
Enriched with: Extracts of Grapefruit, Pomegranate & Vitamin C helps purify your skin to reduce imperfections. No more dullness, skins look fresh, bright and radiant like renew.

Have I mentioned to you that it smells amazing? Because it smells so goodddd! I guess this is going to be my new favourite product from Garnier!

As you can see, I have another face wash also from Garnier which is Sakura White. I'm using this product before I found the new Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy. I love the product but not as much as I love the new one. hiks

Anyway, in the previous year, I have been using a lot of Garnier Pure Active Scrub in blue, white and red packaging. Oh! I miss the scrub. I think I should buy it this month lol It's just once in a while I want to scrub my face. Also, I have tried Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Foam and Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Foam.

The other product in the photo is a Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance & Smooth Pores Whitening Serum. I just try it last month and well, I can say that it feels good when I apply it on my skin and I only apply it once a day especially there are times I have dry skin. ergh, very annoying.

Another product that I have tried was Garnier Light Complete White Speed Serum Day Cream SPF 19/PA+++. The last product that I should share here is Garnier BB Cream All-in-One Miracle Skin Perfector! I am using it still. I have the product on my hand now but I'm too lazy taking the picture. Sorry

These are all my daily routine. From face wash to serum and BB Cream.

What face wash do you use? Do you have a brand that you are loyal to? I would love to know!


Azreen Sofia said…
I never be loyal to any skincare product, especially face wash. But everything seems fine to me. Maybe because of my skin type.
Syaza Raihanah said…
I have tried Garnier before but sadly it doesn't suit my skin. i'm currently using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I don't have any brands that I loyal to when it comes to face cleanser because most of them doesn't suit my skin well and I'm still searching for the best cleanser for my skin type 😊
Hanis Amanina said…
is Cetaphil that good? I heard many positive reviews about it. Can't find smaller size of it in the pharmacies - always out of stock, sobs!
Hanis Amanina said…
I've been using Safi Rania since few years ago. It is okay with my skin, so far. Just I would like to try a new brand. Does Garnier has a starter kit ?
Syaza Raihanah said…
As for me, I would say that Cetaphil is a good. I had major breakouts months ago and my skin slowly heals now.

I feel you, I searched for Cetaphil everywhere too but hardly find them. I would suggest you to go to drugstores that far from city areas cause I think people won't go there as much as in city areas. Even I bought it at the Guardian in Ipoh when I on the way to Kedah months ago. Hope
it helps you in any ways 😊
Wow!That's wonderful. I would love to try any other face wash too but maybe I'm too comfortable with Garnier
Really? I never try Cetaphil yet. I'm scare if it too strong for my skin but seeing many good reviews about it makes me want to give it a try. :)
I'm not sure if they have starter kit but try looking at Guardian :)
Siqah Hussin said…
Siqah takde brand loyal pun. Suka tukar2 jugak. But currently, I’m trying Innisfree. Hope okay with my skin yang banyak jerawat nie 😅
Ramai juga pakai Innisfree ni. Kawan2 Fatina pun pakai. Teringin pulak nak cuba :)