How Worked in Retail Store Has Changed Me?

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Have I figured out that I have already changed when I start working in Retail Store?


Let me think for..erm..a minute?

Let see... I guess as a human being who like to live in a shell-like crab (wait! My horoscope is a crab) it did change my perspective on it.

Now that I mention that. My life before I start working in the retail store was erm, how should I put words that correctly says about it. An annoying human being? No, definitely not that unless you are super annoying me then I'm going to give you that back. Opss! Anyhow, I think the best word that suit myself is - having low Self-Esteem!

I did work in a Retail Store when I was still studying but it didn't really affect me much during that time. Might be I was being too ignorant about it. When I'm still studying, I used to have this kind of attitude - "who cares about whatever happened around me 'cause I rather care about myself." Yeap. That's a bad attitude kid, you should never follow that. NEVER! Listen to me, do not follow that kind of attitude. Come on don't be so selfish. Be more friendly! People come and leave as they want. You could never stop them.


When I've graduated, just the usual - find a job that fits perfectly with you. Boom bloosh blergh boom (some annoying words, sorry!), around May 2016 I land a new job at Popular Bookstore (there you go, I mention it on my blog now, never did I mention it before but if you know, you know lah lol)! A new retail store open in Shah Alam (you know where!) and when I step my feet in the new shopping mall and see the new bookstore just open and I know I need to work there. Besides, it is my MAJOR when I studied. Hey, I'm a RETAIL GRADUATE, just so you know.

With zero knowledge about how to do bookstore operates, I got a job as Retail Assistant and been assigned to the English department. Myself surrounded by BOOKS (OMG! THE BEST EVER!). Uuuu, the smell of the books is freaking addictive, got to see new books every day, arrange the books accordingly (my favourite!), processing the books, attended to the customer and having new friends who rather friendly and super freaking awesome is perfectly perfect!

DISCLAIMER: Basically, any job you are currently right now might have effect on you. Changing in a very good way that sometimes you not realized about it (or maybe you realizing it). So, this is not entitled to only working in Retail Store. I just share what job has really changed myself. 



I was so scared to talk to people. So scared to have a conversation with a new people let alone, a customer. Presentation class is what I always want to avoid but no way, you can avoid it. Stuttering, fidgeting in front of the class - the is just some. Blergh. I hate myself! What a coward person I am lol  Even though, I have my first practical experience at a small retail store at our faculty but still, that doesn't change me anything. At All.

But after working in a bookstore, I start to enjoy talking to the customer, even recommend them books - I changed myself to be more confident to talk either in English or Bahasa with the customer. Is one of the wonderful things I managed to gain from it.

I'm having these ups and downs in my reading journey. When I was a kid, I read more English book then when I reached 15 years old, my friends recommended to me a Malay novel and then back again to English and I found a Fixi novel and finally, back to reading English novel again. Basically, I read the more both language but I am very picky when it comes to Malay novel. Very picky!

However, when I been assigned to the English department. I know about a few books that are really good that need to recommend to the customer also for myself, to read so that, I can share with the customers and on my blog. It just so great to be able to be part of the team in a way, I am too earn great things from it.

It's not that, I'm not friendly before. It just I'm not a person who like to start the conversation first and I was to shy to talk to anyone. Yeah. Sounds weird but it's the truth. Well, after entering the Retail world, the need to have a conversation with your customer, colleague, your employer and I start to be braver to talk to them!

Working in Retail Store meaning that you're going to meet many kind of customers who has different kind of attitude. Whether they super duper nice or the other way round - you are really really REALLY need to have a self-restraint even though you're not. I'm not a really a patience person before, not really giving me whatever heck it is about, I'm just going to argue with you. That's it!

On the contrary, I am now a different person. Working in a Retail store has changed me to be more patience. To never argue with anyone except when I absolutely do nothing wrong and you accuse me or talking back about me, then maybe just maybe I might going to spit out words to you but only if I think I want but most of the time, I don't see it worth my time.

I have many other things to share with you but after eat some Nasi Goreng those things I want to talk has wander away. I guess my dad's Nasi Goreng is too delicious to remember what I want to share. Anyhow, working in Retail Store has many amazing things that has changed me from a scaredy cat to a person I am now - in a very good way. Experience is the best teacher!

p/s: To be honest, I miss working in Retail Store especially bookstore. So, would you like to hire me? If you would love me to be part of your team, please please please do hire me.

pp/s: Excuse of the too many exclamation marks! (oppss, I did it again!)

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Now, it's your turn. Has your job changed your personality? or Perspective? 


Hanis Amanina said…
I think I can see all the points on myself after I tried working once upon a time. A good exposure on how the real working life can offer. :)

There will always be rooms for improvement :D congratulations, you improved yourself :D
Eyqa Zq said…
Honestly I think, anyone who work at bookstore must be a booklover him/herself to bring the best out of the book. Me myself enjoy recommendation, owh I hope you'll have your own bookstore fatina (I dunno but this suits you, you can hired me as your casher perhaps?) hehe.

Yeah, hanis is right about rooms for improvement, we all do, happy improve day!

Keep up the good work fatina <3
Certainly agreed with you, Hanis. We need to experience it so that, we could improve ourselves in a nick of time. As everyone has always says - experience is the best teacher :)

Thank you, Hanis!
I know right. Most people who work at a bookstore definitely a bookworm, if not, they won't able to enjoy the happiness working in a bookstore. :)

Insha Allah, Eyqa! One of my dreams ever since I was a child. No lah, you should be one co-worker lah baru best. Sama-sama boleh go through the publisher and recommend to our customers :D

Happy improve day to you too, Eyqa! :D You too! <3
Farah said…
It was nice to read your experience. It has always been my dream to work at least once in retail, preferably at book stores but I guess I don't have a cut for it. Selalu kena reject je. Sedih :(
No way. Are you serious? I think the best way to work in bookstore is just walk in and ask them if they have any job vacancy :)