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Where are all my book review?

As you can see (or might saw, on my navigation under book review category), I have less than 40 book reviews on my blog. Why and Where do I review books I have read? I know it's weird when you see I have read more than 60 books this year and yet, I have less book review on my blog? Like, are you serious with your reading, Fatina? WHERE ARE ALL THE BOOKS?

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So, here is the thing. I, mostly write my reviews either on NetGalley page or on my Goodreads account but I have fewer review books on my blog. How dare you, Fatina!

"Wait, what? You do call yourself, a Book Blogger but why you ain't act like one? You should do what you should be doing, Fatina? So, where are all the book review that you should share it here? Tell me where Fatina? Show it to the world, girl!" said by Fatina who are still in a dreamy world.

Before that, the reason why I write this post was that someone messaged on my Facebook, asked me "you stated that you have already read 60 books but why aren't you share your review on your blog?" Don't worry, I'm not mad, in fact, this is a good question. So, I have already answer that person question and I told 'em this probably a good thing to share on my blog and maybe someone else does have the same mind like 'em. So, here I am.

The truth is I DON'T HAVE REASONS WHY I'M NOT SHARING MANY REVIEWS HERE. But I guess I do sometimes feel so lazy to publish a post on my blog! Is that considered as a reasonable thing to say? I don't even know. Not even have any answer to that. But, there is one thing that I do know which is - it is definitely a struggle to write a good book review and how should I express it the way I wanted it to be expressed. I kid you not, the struggle to find words to write it. #scariestthing

Nonetheless, when I have written and posted my review, it felt so wonderful that I got to share what I feel. Even though it is hard and struggling to write, it still one of the best feelings when I got to share what I feel about the book. If you can see, mostly my review are all more than 3 stars and very few were under 3 stars. Well, you can say that I practically, choosing what book I want to read also it is literally, in a way recommending you the book. Not that I say, under 3 stars is a bad book. NO! NONE OF IT AT ALL! Please do NOT misunderstand. I'm sure books I have read this year are all rated above 3 stars and only less than 5 books are rated below 3 stars. I guess it is one of the reasons of my why book rated 2 stars and below are not appear on my blog because of I, DNF it. So, that is that. When it comes to taste and preferences, it differs from one to another person. Am I right?

Nevertheless, frankly speaking, every book I have received either from the authors itself or the publishers, most of them are my favourite. Did I make up a story just to cover up my excuses? DEFINITELY NO! I love and very enjoy every book I receive and mostly, the book I have had requested previously and those upcoming books are all books that I want to read and interest me very much. So, there are no such things as "you just rated the book with whatever you pleased with". Not at all!

Above all, I'm going to promise myself, I'm going to post a book review from now on my blog on every book I have read. Well, what is a Book Blogger without sharing Book Review on the blog, doesn't it? Probably, I am the laziest book blogger ever! Seeing every book blogger have share many book review, mostly above than 100 book review is so amazing! You guys are awesome. You know what, sometimes it takes days or weeks (sometime, a month) for me to write a book review. I am ashamed of myself. ergh

I do hate myself sometimes because I didn't do what should I do as a Book Blogger - reviewing a book. But, now, I already commit myself with being a tour host which they have given a time when to write a review and that will help me overcome that lazyness I have in myself. So, I guess this probably a great start, didn't you think?

Anyway, this is a rant post about myself as a Book Blogger and also as a way for me, to remind myself to be a good book blogger and share my book review on my blog, not only on Goodreads account but HERE too! Chaiyok! Chaiyok!

By the way, I am currently watching Thirteen Reason Why and I don't think so, I like this tv shows. Do you like it? Should I read the book too?

Psstt: TIW stands for The Infinity Words

Do you review every single book you have read on your blog? 

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rasya said…
I used to have Review section under my Books category but then, just like you I realised that I tend to post my reviews more on Goodreads and Netgalley. I'm even lazy to post a tag post in my blog, so ho wcould I have the determination to post book reviews lol.

Eyqa Zaque said…
No i dont actually, cause some of them was not into my like (like DNF it) lols. I actually personally thinking that a book blogger was not doing review only but more than that :D and it depends to us which book we are gonna review (prior to those who give us a copy in exhange with a honest review).

But as long as our review goes to someone that matter (like the one who asking us to rview for the first place) is enough. Besides, we dont have 24 hours infront of screen so thats also a reason. But it is possible also to put extra effort on reviewing in blog. :D
Hanis Amanina said…
The same feeling when people asked me similar questions, 'where are your travelogues when you said you traveled to many more places?' Haha, I am not that sure if I am a travel blogger as I mixed lots of themes in my blog. And maybe I am quite lazy to gather all the photos, edit them and publish blog posts hahaha

Anyway, I am trying my best to share reviews on books I've read. But my reviews are more about what I've learned from them. Sometimes too much books, I feel suffocated when I am still trying to adapt and apply life lessons I already learned while at the same time I exposed myself with many more.
Raydahpunye said…
ok i envy u cuz u've got a lot of books. *cryin'
Suzanne said…
Great post. I don't review all of the books I've read on my blog either. I mainly stick with newer releases for the blog and then maybe write shorter reviews on Goodreads for older books I've read.
Exactly! Right after posting my reviews on Goodreads and NetGalley, I totally forgot about my blog. It's like an hour later, only I remember that I forgot to post it on my blog but most of the time, I'm lazy. T_T #notagoodexampleasaBookBlogger
You have a point there, Eyqa. I'm 100% agreed with you. Being a Book Blogger does not means that you only oblige to do a book review but it has a lot more interesting to do, right? :D

But anyway, as long as we are all happy being a Book Blogger no excuses would barricade our way kan kan hehehe
I know that feeling. Even I question myself sometimes. Am I truly a Book Blogger? When my blog post are mix of here and there but it's our blog anyway. So, nothing could stop us to write anything we want here :D

and I do really agree with you - gather, capturing, editing photos? It takes a lot of energy to do. :)

I love your review, Hanis. It is different from myself and I love how you disvocer all the lessons you have learned from the book and share with your readers. :)
aww, don't be girl. you could have a lot of books too, okay :D
Now that you mention how you share your book reviews on your blog makes me think - Did I share my book review because of the book is my favourite or new releases. :D