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A Pearl for my Mistress by Annabel Fielding
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: August 9, 2017
Is it a series?: No. Standalone
Genre: Historical Fiction
Source: Received from the author (Annabel Fielding) through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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Blurb: A story of class, scandal and forbidden passions in the shadow of war. Perfect for fans of Iona Grey, Gill Paul and Downtown Abbey.

England, 1934. Hester Blake, an ambitious girl from an industrial Northern town, finds a job as a lady's maid in a small aristocratic household.

Despite their impressive title and glorious past, the Fitzmartins are crumbling under the pressures of the new century. And in the cold isolation of these new surroundings, Hester ends up hopelessly besotted with her young mistress, Lady Lucy.

Accompanying Lucy on her London Season, Hester is plunged into a heady and decadent world. But hushed whispers of another war swirl beneath the capital… and soon, Hester finds herself the keeper of some of society’s most dangerous secrets…

To be honest, when I first received the book, I was a bit hesitated since historical fiction is not my kind of read but I told myself that I want to try to read any other genre besides contemporary and science fiction, I guess it won't hurt me to try historical fiction, right? And, the result after reading it in two days, I was in total love of this book and all my doubt of not going to like historical fiction genre has vanished. Thank you, Annabel Fielding, for make falling in love with historical fiction!

The story sets in world war 2 (the 1930s).

Let's talk about what I think and love on "A Pearl for My Mistress"

1. Annabel Fielding's writing is amazing and has an elegance that has makes me stick to the book. It is also very easily understood by me as you know, there are politics talk here and there and it is quite heavy for my reading at first because it is historical fiction but it proves me wrong since I get along with it from the start of my reading to the end of the book. Also, in other words, Annabel has done amazing research on history.

2. Even so, is not all about politics because it's also has a dangerous affair happen in there that needed to be kept a secret to avoid any scandal issues arise. In other words, the love between Lady Lucy and her maid, Hester are forbidden love affair. 

3. In this book also, the author has brought up an issue that is quite interesting to know of on social caste and race differences. There are actually so many things happen in this book is much more than I ever want to reveal here. Because if that, where is the thrill for you to want to read it, no?

4. The characters,  Lucy and Hester are well developed in a few contexts like we can see the two of them has personality develop from the first they met till the end of the book also we can see want and how they want their future to be like.

In conclusion, a book that set in the 1930s during world war 2, though, history is not my cup of tea but somehow during reading the book, I could really get along with it and it feels like I have been transported into 1930s. It's like I'm watching them in front of my own eyes. Well, that's kind of wonderful because the author has successfully brought the readers to that year. Anyhow, the whole story and plots are well written. I have so much read it with these well-developed characters. What can I say more? Also, this book is a #diversereading which has a female and female relationship (LGBTQ). All in all, A Pearl for My Mistress has so many emotion in it - the suspense, mystery and my heart racing throughout the suspense. 

So, if you want to know more about the whole story about A Pearl for My Mistress then I think you should buy and read it and tell your side of your story of what do you think about the book!