Monthly Wrap Up: October Has Been Good To Me


Hello everybody! How are you guys doing in November? I know I know this post is supposedly up early in November or maybe on the last date of October but as you know, I'm procrastinating way too much and I gotta deal with it of being late finishing this post. Do you know what, I kind of..forgetting what did I do in the month of October? Can you give me a minute or an hour at least to remember it back again? Nah, that's not going to work, let's just do it whatever comes to my mind, okay?

I guess without further due let's jump into it.

But first, let's dance 💃🕺

Okay, stop Fatina stop. Let's just get started.

monthly wrap up
As usual the most important thing I'm going to share with you. Books I have read in the month of October and I don't really read much in October because God knows why. Okay. I'm lazy. There I'm already making a confession here! But anyhow, here it is;

wrap up

See Me, See Me Not by Elodie Nowodazkij
This is actually a series that I did not realize at all and this book is the second book of the Gavert City but you can consider it as standalone as the story is not a continuation. But. But I don't really enjoy reading as much as I thought I do because first, the story setting, the plot gets me confusing since this book has a serious subject (cult) telling in See Me, See Me Not. Anyhow, this is my own opinion so, it might differ for you once you read the book.

Seize Today by Pintip Dunn
This is the third and final series for Forget Tomorrow and I'm so sad that it has already ended!! Anyway, I started reading Forget Tomorrow in the month of September and I, absolutely enjoy it so much. The first series, we have Tessa and then the second series is Jessa and final series is Olivia Dresden. It gets complicated in one after another book but I very enjoy reading it.

Approximately Yours by Julie Hammerle
I almost did not remember what is the book all about. Almost, okay. and after reading the synopsis again then it starts to appear in my mind and I realized I'm so annoyed when reading the first few chapters because of the main character's cousin but the ending is quite satisfying.

Just One of The Boys by Leah and Kate Rooper
This book got She's The Man Vibe if you love that movie, you're going to be enjoying this book (I hope) because I do love it and this is that. You need to read yourself to know why.

Sadia by Colleen Nelson
It's has a Muslims representative in this book!! and I really really love the story, the characters and you need to have read this book once the publish in February 2018! You can also read my review on this blog.

And that's all the book I have read and did review some of the books on my blog. You can click on the title to read my review.

monthly wrap up

Aha. In the month of October, I have watched two movies at the cinema;

monthly wrap up
Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Tell me who doesn't love Eggsy, no I mean Taron Egerton, right? I love him with his sexy British accent which has made me even fall for him. Duh. Even hearing my cousin who born and lives in the UK has got me jealous of their British accent. Okay okay. That beside the point. The main thing is the whole movie is amazing and I watch two times at the cinema. See! That means I truly enjoy the movie very much as I enjoy IT movie in the month of September because of them I watch two times too. lol

There are many actions in this movie - during the start of the movie, the middle of the movie and the end of the movie as compared to the first Kingsman, I like Kingsman: The Golden Circle more. Well, definitely satisfied with the movie and worth my money to watch them.

monthly wrap up

This movie has left me... I don't know. Speechless? Because it scares the hell out of me. Come on. We are talking about human being in charge of our weather. They can make it rain, storm, tsunami, earthquake, also they even could stop them for it happen. That is scary. Truthfully, I do not know what to feel after watching the movie. There is one side of me, feels 'wow' and the other side of me feels 'OMG! OMG! OMG!'.

How about you? What do you think about it?

monthly wrap up
Honestly, I don't remember what did I do in October. As you can I see, I even finish writing this post today (17 November) when I have already drafted this post since early in November. I guess I procrastinate too much (again). lol

Anyway, there is one thing that makes my October super wonderful that is so hard to forget and has made me want to go to the place again. I just could not have enough of having at the place which is SUNWAY LAGOON.

siblings day out

Oh my goodness! I and my two sisters having so much fun despite heavy rain hit us during that day but that's not going to ruin our fun day. Anyhow, I have already written a long post about it and you can read it here.

monthly wrap up

I know and I realized I made a promise to share my ghost stories in the whole month of October instead I only written two posts which you can read here: octocreepy 1 and octocreepy 2. Supposedly I have to write at least 2 (or maybe 3) more posts but I didn't because again, you know why, work dateline has pulled me away from writing this post but no worries I am still going to write about it. I will try to insert my times somewhere to write the post. Okay? I am truly sorry 😞

I guess that's all for my October Wrap Up. I guess we catch soon on my upcoming post in November, okay? See you later in my next post!

 let's talk

One and a half month away to celebrate the new year (2018), do you have any plan? Going for a holiday, maybe?


Hanis Amanina said…
When I read Tessa and Jessa, I was expecting a name similar (-essa) for the 3rd book of Seize Today :D

I just knew about Geostorm when I read this. Really show how I am so no uptodate with latest movies -_-' but looks interesting!

Can't believe that we are just 1 month and half for another new year T_T
I was expecting the same because both of them are sisters (or supposed to be twins but for some reason, they are not) while Olivia, she is daughter of the presiden. hehe :D

Geostorm is interesting and still, I have been thinking a lot about the movie.

Time indeed flies super fast T_T
atheera dayana said…
I watched Kingsman and Geostorm but both were boring to me.
I have been so tired and lazy lately. I hope i can catch up with reading.

☆ Atheera ☆