My Mini Library Dream Style

bookish talk

Books are my very best friend that no one can put us apart. NEVER EVER! Reading is the only thing that I enjoy to do in my everyday life, other than eating, of course. One of the best things of why I love reading is, it can bring me into a new world beyond my own imagination and sometimes it feels like I'm in time travel and that's super fun, for me, for all readers around the world, am I right?

For that. every bookworm (and that include me!!!) has their books piling up way onto the ceiling of your room. You know, you will be going to buy and buy and buy more books even though there are books that you have not yet read it and well, who cares, you just need to have them, cuddle with the books and the most important is it will be with you, always. 

Anyway, that being said, I always want to have a mini-library at my house. A room only for books and me. I have a few ideas that I would like to share with you here and why not, let's take a look together.
  • I would like to have a Contemporary style with soft colors on my wall. 

I love the soft pink but I also like purple and blue colors. Definitely, hard to make a decision on these colors. I guess I should give this decision in the hand o an interior designer.

  • Not having too much furniture in the room. White bookshelves, a rug, a relaxing chair, and a small table that would be perfect for me.

  •  Inspirational quotes and some beautiful cities frame on the wall + flowers
  • A small section dedicates to only for bookish swags (bookmarks, poster, candles etc), funko pops and other bookish stuff. I think a small shelf with a unique design would be an added value to my mini library.
  • These are all I want in my mini library room. A simple contemporary style that feels relax and not too much of things happen around the room will be a great thing for me but I know if I'm doing all these by myself, it will turn out strange, I guess and my mom will definitely furious if the room looks weird. Hence, this is where I need an interior designer who can design and decorate the room beautifully that will make me happy!

I'm not sure if you have heard about HAVENLY. Havenly is an online website for us to find an interior designer where you can pick your own designer and consult them on how and what you want for your room. If you have no idea on what looks/style you want, there are options on their website for you to explore - by style, by room, by budget and trending designs. Also, there are three packages for you to choose from. Aren't that amazing? Certainly is!

So, why not check them out!


Amerzing said…
Undoubtedly you are a greate interior designer... love every of your ideas.. hope it will become reality one day huhu

Greetings from Amerzing :)
Eyqa Zaque said…
May all your wishes comes true fatina. <3 <3 oh my that white bookshelves was so mouth drolling.
Insha Allah...amin
Thank you, Amer :)
Insha Allah, amin :D
Thank you, Eyqa! <3 <3

I know right. White bookshelves is..really beautiful, right :D
Siqah Hussin said…
White bookshelves!! Ohh love that <3 Berangan juga nak ada library kecil di rumah. Hihi.

Semoga impian Fatina jadi kenyataan satu hari nanti :)