Siblings Wonderful Day Out at Sunway Lagoon

Last Monday on 30th October 2017 was an amazing fun day for me and my sister. We having a siblings day out at Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia. If you guys do not yet, Sunway Lagoon is one of the top 10 attraction in Malaysia, so if you are planning to visit Malaysia soon, do make sure put on your list to visit Sunway Lagoon because it's going to be the most wonderful experience for you especially when we are talking about having fun!

sunway lagoon

Before I start, let me share you a bit of what do they have at Sunway Lagoon. Once you put your feet at Sunway Lagoon theme park, you will discover 6 adventure park that you really need to make sure you got to try them all, if possible because you know, we are talking about 88 acres with 90 attractions in one day. ergh! Tell ya now okay, you need to be there as early as you can. They are open from 10 am to 6 pm. So, be there early to be sure you get the chance to have fun in there.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I wanted to share the fun at Sunway Lagoon also, it is actually an advance birthday present to my little sister. Thank you

Oh! Before I forgot, here are the list adventure parks in Sunway Lagoon:

sunway lagoon
Ehem, here is what I'm talking about. The Vuvuzela. My favourite!

  1. Water Park - It seems like 'ah, only water park, ey?' Nope. Certainly not. The latest attraction here is Vuvuzela (you slide on with 4-5 people down to big bowl!), more slides, Waterplexx 5D, Little Zimbabwe (for kids), and Surf beach. 
  2. Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon - This is the new one. They have Spongebob Splash Adventure, Monsoon 360, Jungle Fury, Kubarango, Splish Splash, Primeval, Hippo Valley, Wonder Steps, Explorer Campsite, and Explorers' Trail.
  3. Amusement Park - Here the next fun at the dry park but no worries you can ride with your wet clothes. Carousel & Captain Kids' Candyland (for kids only), Fun World, Pirate's Revenge (360 rides), Pedestrian Suspension Bridge, Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster (a roller coaster, basically), Butch Cassidy Trail (or I call it as kasut cowboy lol), Colorado Splash, Grand Canyon River Rapids, Apache Pots (making me dizzy, duh)
  4. Extreme Park - Bungee Jump, G-Force X, Go Kart, Paintball Target Shooting, Pedal Boating, Archery, ATV
  5. Scream Park or in other words, haunted house.
  6. Wildlife Park 

Anyway, without let me talk way too much in this post, let me belanja you few of my photos lah. Easy kan? Or in other words, let check out the photos! Have fun guys!

sunway lagoon

sunway lagoon

sunway lagoon

sunway lagoon

We really have fun in Sunway Lagoon, after years of not visiting Sunway Lagoon. It was great. Even though I have been visited Sunway Lagoon so many times but I never had the nerve to walk at the suspension bridge because of the high and because it keeps on rocking left and right. Man! I hate that but I promise my sisters to walk at the bridge and I did it!!! I'm so happy though my body shaking for a bit long.

sunway lagoon
Can you see the bridge there?

Anyway, around 2.45 pm, it starts to raining heavily and we all at least get to rest for an hour because all the rides are closed only a few were open. Nonetheless, we are all having the zest at Sunway Lagoon also kind of gain new friends from Arab whom we share riding the Vuvuzela. They are really nice and such a pleasure to get to know them.

If you are planning to visit Sunway Lagoon anytime soon, let me share with you the ticket price;

Admission rates (for Malaysian) entry to ALL parks except Bungee Jump, Go Kart and G-Force X is RM 120 for adults above 13 years old and RM 96 for child below 12 years old also senior citizen above 60 years old. But it is free entrance for child below 3 years old and below 90cm.

Admission rates (for international) entry to ALL Park except Bungee Jump, Go Kart and G-Force X is RM 170 for adults above 13 years old and RM 140 for child below 12 years old also for senior citizen above 60 years old.

For more info, you can check their website at Sunway Lagoon.

The parks open daily from 10 am until 6 pm.

See you next post. Have a great day ahead.

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Have you been to Sunway Lagoon? If you have, what rides do you enjoy the most? Or have you been to any other theme parks from other countries? 

Do share your comment down below, don't worry you can still comment here even though you don't have a Disqus account and be sure to leave your link so, I can check your blog too.


Azreen Sofia said…
I once been here it was a long time ago, when I was below 10.... or maybe below 8... I don't know what I experienced in there but now I never have the guts to visit it again, idk why xD
Siqah Hussin said…
Siqah baru juga pergi ke Sunway Lagoon masa hari keluarga department.

Siqah tak ingatlah apa yang Siqah suka kat sana. Yang pastinya, nak naik tornado tu, tapi tutup pula. sedih betul. Siqah suka semua rides yang melibatkan gelongsor. memang lah kan? Dah nama pun taman tema air. haha,

Jambatan gantung best! Walau seram sejuk gak lah dan slow gila jalan. Hihi
Really? This is my first time hearing this. Maybe something scared you when visited them long time ago.. So, have you not visit any other Amusement park?
tornado tu yang vuvuzela ke, Siqah? hehe Fatina confuse hehe Kalau vuvuzela tu memang best sangat. Teruja betul naik tapi terasa seriau juga bila dia mengelongsor ke dalam bowl tu hehe :D

Betul betul! Gelongsor lah paling menyeronokkan. Siqah naik roller coaster tu? Ngeri betul naik. Taubat tak nak naik dah T_T

Ya Allah. Fatina jalan paling slow paling belakang sekali. Eeee seram betul la. Bila goyang goyang lepas tu ada pulak kayu dia yang jarang-jarang tu..eeee menyeramkan T_T
Siqah Hussin said…
Haa tue lah nama dia, vuvuzela. Tak ingat namanya. Hehe. Siqah nak naik benda tu lah tapi masa pergi hari tu tengah renovate pulak. Sadis betul.

Siqah tak naik roller coaster. Hehe. Tak berani nak naik. Seram dengar orang jerit. Haha.

Haaa tahu takpe. Masa lalu kayu yang jarang-jarang tu, nak nyumpah pun ada. Haha. Slow gila lalu kat situ. Alhamdullilah selamat sampai ke hujung. Masa dekat nak sampai hujung, jalan cepat2 jadinya. Hehe
Yeke! Tak boleh jadi, Siqah kena try naik juga. Dekat Afamosa pun ada tapi dorg punya pendek sikit tapi sama je feeling dia hehehe

Ya Allah! Fatina kena paksa dengan adik-adik Fatina. Serious takut. Keluar dari roller coaster menggigil satu badan. Bila naik tu rasa mcm susah nak bernafas T_T Tak nak naik dah..

kan lagi bila orang main goyang-goyang lagi rasa nak mengamuk tapi alhamdulillah sampai juga hujungnya hehe