Two Things in November for On Blog

template & google adsense

I have been wanting to change a new template design for so long but in that time I was torn between two either to stick to this blogger or move to another host and somehow, I plan to stick here because I feel so comfortable and you may say that, I'm a bit sentimental to leave a blog that has been with me for almost 10 years so, I'm staying here as you can see.


I am actually already made a new blog on the other side just to see how I feel. I can't lie that I love that one too though it still hard to move.

Anyway, before purchasing a new template, I have been looking around to see which template that I want and I do still want a template with a grid/masonry layout because for me it looks super tidy and easy for the readers to choose which post they would like to read. Still, the classic template also looks great. That's has made me take a very long time to decide either grid/masonry layout or a classic layout. They are beautiful and that is what makes it more difficult to decide even after asking my family (yes, even buying clothes, I still ask my parents lol).

Finally, last week I have made up my mind to choose this beautiful template design by Kate. It's beautiful and perfect for my blog. I truly love it and definitely satisfied with my choice.

I'm also would like to express my gratitude to Siqahiqa who is also a blogger and enjoy reading like all of us, she helps me in purchasing this template. Thank you so much, Siqah! 😘💖 It really means a lot to me. Again, thank you!

Without further ado, here is my new blog template design.

template blog

I love love love it! 😍😍 What do you think of my blog? Does it look good?

and and what makes this week even more amazing

my GOOGLE ADSENSE has already been approved after waiting for more than two weeks! Yay!!!


A lovely November. May my November and December will be a wonderful and amazing month until new years come and I hope for yours the same too 💖

See you in my next post!


Which design do you prefer for your blog? Grid/Masonry Layout or Classic Layout?


Shafyqah said…
suka dengan them baru, nampak kemas je. yayy tahniah dah lulus adsense <3
Myraa mywaa said…
YAYY Finally you updated your blog again! (or its just me who jarang blogwalking? lol)
anyway, congrats for your adsense!
nadiah izzaty said…
waaa~ cantik template baru. Nice2!!!

congratz Google adsense dah approve Googel adsense nadia tak boleh dah since nadia change from blogspot to .com. Tapi, nak apply baru tak buat2 lagi . hihihi

Nadia suka grid that's why nadia punya page pun style grid.
Alhamdulillah. Thank you, Shafyqah :D <3
Hehehe Myraa jarang ni blogwalking sini :p
Thank you! <3
Thank you, Nadia :) <3

Alhamdulillah :) Ooo mcm tu ke? Kalau tukar .com mmg google adsense pon tak boleh guna eh. nampaknya nanti nak tukar kena apply sekali lagi lah ni huhu

kan grid ni senang nak tgk post hehe ;D
Farah said…
Congratulations on getting approved by Google AdSense :)
Siti Yang Menaip said…
your blog looks great =)
Cik Renex said…
tahniah da lulus adsense dan template baru, cantik!
Shikin Razali said…
Cantik template baru awak, Fatina.. Keep on writing, sis... :)
Siqah Hussin said…
Mestilah template baru Fatina cantik!! :D

Siqah suka grid style. Senang nak tengok post dan nampak kemas :) Congrats Fatina dah approved Google Adsense!
Mrs. A said…
Congratulations! dah approved google adsense