What's On My iPhone 2017 Edition: Apps I Use Everyday As A Bookworm

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Nowadays, a smartphone has this impact on our life. You hardly could live without them even in one minute your phone is not by your side or at your hand, you will feel empty or is it only me? I don't know you but what I do know, living in this world where technology and gadget is something you need to have because we will be using them every day and night, am I right? Do you agree with me?

Anyway, here I am, I'm going to share what apps do I use every day on my phone. Either you are a bookworm, gamers or anything, you do have apps that you love using every day, right? Like it is a must for you to open the apps to find something that you need and/or play.

I know I have done what's on my iPhone previously but that's just a random without specific things as what I want to do in this post. Without further ado, let's see what is it.

As a person who enjoys reading very much, here are the apps that I use every day:

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  • iBooks
As you already know. It is an in-house app by iPhone. Buy books from their app store and it will directly go into iBooks app. Easy peasy except it does not have so much of other settings like lighting. I'm still using it, nonetheless.

  • Kindle
Installed this app last year but somehow it does not work as what I imagined but this time around, try installing it again, reading the 'help' section thoroughly and walllaaa, it works wonderfully on my phone. The reason why I want this app so much is that you know I do request books from NetGalley and Edelweiss which they have this email specifically for them to email it directly to our kindle account. Oh! One more thing, I love that the app shows the percentage of our reading and how many hours could finish the books. It's amazing!

  • Bluefire Reader
Before Kindle, this is the app that I use to download books I received from the publisher through NetGalley and Edelweiss. It is a good app and I have a few more books in there need to be read as soon as possible (!) and they do have an expiry date once you download the book. So, yeah.

  • TV Time
Thanks to Atheera for telling me about this app. Since I am now binge watching English tv shows and I think I need an app that I could track what I have watched and what should I want next. By the way, I'm currently watching Riverdale season 2 and Black Mirror season 2.

  • Word Cookies
I just downloaded this app last week and I am so game on. I enjoy playing this game as you need to build a word from the alphabets given. 

  • Goodreads
The most important app for every bookworm in the world!! Tracking what you have read and currently reading, find books, looking for new release books, join the discussion group. So much you can do with Goodreads.

That is all apps that I as a bookworm use every day. But you know sometimes, you have to put your phone away for at least one to two hours per day just to make your brain and mind at ease and your eyes at rest.

I think that is for today post. See you in the next post!

What apps do you use every day?


Hanis Amanina said…
7 unread messages :D hehe

Out of 6, I only use Kindle (sometimes) and Goodreads :D hehe
hehehe malas nak baca tu yang sampai 7 :p

I see. Do you download games on your phone? hehe
Hanis Amanina said…
yepp, Candy Crush, 2048, 1010! and Word Jam (this one looks similar to your Word Cookies I think) eheh
Azreen Sofia said…
I only use wattpad, but I rarely use it because it's on my spare phone which I use only to listen to songs & I hate reading, except reading others blogs xD
Frydolina Fay said…
I also use iBooks, Kindle, Goodreads and play Word Cookies! Got me addicted on that game that one 😅
Nurul Afifah said…
If you ever tells a doctor or pharmacist about how you can't let go of your phone, they'll tell you it's a symptom of addiction. i am like you too lol.

i'm trying tv time for sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

btw word cookies is so damn addicting too.
Siqah Hussin said…
For now, Siqah guna iBooks dan Goodreads je. Word Cookies rasanya lebih kurang sama dengan yang Siqah main sekarang, Word Jam (Hanis kenalkan). Hehe.

Nak download TV Time lah :D
word jam? that's sound interesting, nak download jugak lah mcm ni hehe
hahaha Azreen!! Try lah read one book, contemporary ke tapi baca blog tuh okay, penting tuh!! hehehe :D
It is. Word Cookies is really addictive. I can't put my phone down playing the game and sometimes, I forget to read my book T_T
I am going to make my future daughter/son not going to touch any gadgets!!! :D

do try TV Time, Afifah. Easy to track down your tv shows and finding new one :D

You play word cookies too? Yay! geng :D
hehehe download Siqah. Senang track TV shows and cara shows yang baru hehe :D
Erni Hasmiza said…
Baru je install Word Cookies