Big Bad Wolf Book Haul December 2017

Hey guys!

book haul

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has opened their curtains from 8th December 2017 until 18th December 2017, for 24 hours every day. It is the biggest book sales that everyone has been waiting for the whole year. With millions of books, various genre, from kids to adults book, from fiction to non-fiction even for school exercise book and reference books are all there waiting for you to pick them up and it will be all yours.

Anyway, I managed to visit Big Bad Wolf Book Sale twice in the first three days they start the sales. During the first day of our visit (my dad and my two sisters), we had bought 17 books total RM 177.50 with 3% discount on Digi apps (Thank you, Digi! You are the best. Psst; I have been loyal to you from 2004 until now!) and our second visit with my mom, dad, and my two sisters, we had bought 12 books total RM 66.90.

Let's get into my book haul then.

book haul 1

Here is the big view of my first trip to Big Bad Wolf on the first day they open the door.

Webster's New World College Dictionary and Atlas of The World both are picked by my dad. Because he said we need a new dictionary and fill up your knowledge country around the world. Apparently, I definitely agree with my dad because there are some countries I didn't know they exist. Goodness, what in the world lah kan do not know about it. Anyhow, it is the best pick by Babah!

While, as for the two Wordsearch (Easy-To-Read Puzzles & Topsy Turvy Wordsearch) book puzzle been pick by my sister as per request by Babah because he loves to play with the words. I love to join Babah when he is playing word search.

Next is, the small pocketbook is The Still Bored At Work - Pocket Doodle Book is my younger sister's book. She picks the book at the cashier counter right away. lol

Not in the picture is my youngest sister haul during the first day is Hidden in The Jungle Sticky Notes. It is super pretty and it's only cost you RM5 and regret didn't pick more of the sticky notes.

adik's haul

As for this two books are my younger sister's haul and there is another book but not in this picture but you can in the above photo is The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. The most popular book at Big Bad Wolf and loved by many people are always always finish on the first-day of book sales. Luckily, we got the chance to snatch it. Duh! Anyway, my sister, she is a big fan of John Green and David Levithan's writing. Hence, the book - 21 Proms and Marly's Ghost. She has many books under this two author. I never read any books by this two-author, although there are plenty books from both of the author in our house. Maybe, soon, I will read it.

Okay! Now onto my loots. I can't wait to show you!!

Here we go;

Fatina's book haul 1

As soon as we enter Big Bad Wolf's big door, I saw hardcover - Flawed by Cecelia Ahern (RM12) - and I pick it right away without second thoughts!!! Just to mention, it also has in paperback for Flawed at RM 10, if I'm not mistaken.

Next haul is The Witch's Kiss and The Witch's Tears by Katharine & Elizabeth Corr. I never heard about this. Never. But the cover is so pretty that I quickly put into my carts and only saw a small damage on the first book when we arrive home. But, that's fine. I'm okay with it. Okay. I lied. Kind of annoyed but still. It's freaking RM 8/each. So, whatever.

Fatina's book haul 2

I have been wanting Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella for so long and I'm happy, the book is now in my possession. I saw it on registration counter, ask them whether I can have the book and the happily gave it to me and explain that, for Big Bad Wolf's member, it is only at RM 8 and RM 10 for non-member. Either way, it is still a good price.

Next, Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen. I remember, Rasya has mentioned before about Sarah Dessen's book but I couldn't remember the title. So, when I saw Sarah Dessen's book there at Big Bad Wolf, I just snatch it and put into carts. Again, I know nothing about this book at all but couldn't wait to devour with it.

Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith. Beautiful hardcover? Do I need second thoughts? Erm, nope!

The Potion Diaries by Amy Alward. Love potion? Well, sounds amazing. So, why not?

Soundless by Richelle Mead. The fact that it is in hardcover and a signed copy (?), girl, you gotta snatch it before it's gone like a wind.

Lastly, Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Rigg. Honestly, I didn't found this book on my first-day trip to BBW! It selling so fast. There are another book in hardbound which is The Library's Soul and there is nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, I got the first book and I find another two book of this series later, I guess. Anyway, as for this book, I bought it during our second trip to the book sales. Yup, I'm still happy tho.

book haul

There you go, my book hauls from Big Bad Wolf Book Sales. Although, Young Adult section and Fiction Sales were not satisfying enough as there are not huge selections as before. Sad but at least, there are beautiful gems at the book sales. During my second-trip to BBW, I saw Young Adult section from 8 tables to only 4 tables and it is only on the 3rd day of the book sales. How incredible is that? It is so good seeing many readers out here in our country. So wonderful!

Just in case, you wondering, our second trip to Big Bad Wolf was to buy my youngest sister's book. Since she will sit for SPM next year, thus, buy her revision books and reference book which there are many good books there for her. 11 books just for her.

One thing for sure, when I visiting Big Bad Wolf Book Sales, it always feels so good to be surrounded by many other bookworms and you know, these people are super friendly. The bookish community is great! You guys are awesome and even the Big Bad Wolf's staff is efficient.

They are many cashier counter so, I don't have to worry about the long queue because the staff makes an amazing job. You guys are awesome. Meet you guys in next Big Bad Wolf Book Sales!

I want to share one tip with you - just snatch the book first and think later because then, you won't have any regrets if you didn't pick the book but when you want to sort out your books please do not put the book away in whatever place you want because you know, there are many people might want that book too. So, please be considerate of other people and put it back in their original place. It is super easy, guys!
If you haven't been to Big Bad Wolf Book Sales yet, go and find your time and find those hidden gems! Have fun finding those precious treasure at Big Bad Wolf!

Thank you, Wolf! We truly have fun at your book sales. See you next year, Mr. Wolf! Love ya! xx

book haul

How many book (s) have you bought in the month of December?


atheera dayana said…
Aish I still have not go to BBW. I did feel I don’t want to but seeing this post make me want to join the fun too!

☆ Atheera ☆
Razanah Anis said…
I've never been to BBW but I really want to go there..!
Greg Hill said…
Ooh awesome book haul! I love the sound of The Potion Diaries, and I have to admit the word search and puzzle books look fun too. I like to do those sometimes. :)

THanks for sharing!
Oh no! It's already ended yesterday. How was it? Do you go?
Thank you!

The Potion Diaries. I have been eyeing for them for so long, heard nothing but wonderful 'bout it. I guess you should own them too :D You're right, it is fun to play with word search and puzzles :)

You're most welcome, Greg! Thank you for dropping by at my blog :)
Are you kidding me? NO! You have to at least join the fun visiting Mr. Wolf. There are many hidden gems for you to hunt. I hope you can visit them next year :D
rasya said…
Omg Omg *hypervilanting on the floor because I couldn't go again for BBW this year*

Your haul looks amazing! *jealous stares*
Sarah Shaqira said…
Bestnya!! Agaknya berapa lama nak habis baca semua buku tu ? :D
Maybe next year, you can go to BBW! hehe :D

Thank you, Rasya! But don't use jealousy stare too long on my books, okay? Your turn will come soon! :D
Tiada jawapan untuk soalan itu hehehe