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Publication Date: August 25th, 2017
Is it a series?: Yes.
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
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What would you do if your parents had committed the worst crime in history? 

Who would you turn to if the laws, meant to protect you, were corrupted? 

When is it ok for all the good people to do bad things and the bad people to do good things? 

How can you fall in love with the person who was destined to hate you? 

Welcome to the world of the world of the Gifted. 

Ava has always lived on the fringes of society with her close-knit family. Ever protected, loved and sheltered until the day it’s time to start at Ash Academy. 

Nothing is as it seems, as Ava finds out that everything she thinks she knows is tainted. Tainted by death, lies and deceit. It is her job to learn the truth and stay true to herself despite the darkness all around her. 

No one survives that kind of drama alone. Through Ava’s discovery of their society and her place in it, she will find kindness and support in the most unlikely places. 

From the Ashes we Rise! 

For Readers who enjoyed authors such as: 
Richelle Mead 
Cassandra Clare 
Kelly St Clare 
Jaymin eve 
Laura Thalassa 

A gripping first book in the Ash Academy series. This book is a full-length novel with a HEA and no cliff-hangers. Step into a magical world about love, loss and self-discovery. 


Tainted Legacy reminds of Harry Potter. The world building itself has some sort of the feels but I need to assure you, it is different. Just having the vibe of it. That's all. Nonetheless, Tainted Legacy is a story of Ava Black from Black family which has a big reputation in the Gifted Community. Ava Black has been kept away from the community from her day one born into this world. Not because of herself but more to her parents need to protect her from something worse. The situation has already worse itself. Thus, when she enters Ash Academy, she is in shock when everyone knows who she is and afraid of her. It is weird to her when she didn't do anything bad to them, so why would they hate her? 

Her journey in Ash Academy will begin. She wants to prove to everyone that she is kind and a nice person but it seems that it is hard until she realizes what is her ability that been gifted to her.

Ava Black - she is a naive person. So, when people hate her for something she didn't understand why makes her heartache and try to uncover the truth behind those hateful things. Her character is very lovable even though people hate her, she couldn't be bothered with it. As long as she can mind her business while having super wonderful friends around her is enough.  Her character is strong but there are at times she is fragile and takes action without think first. Still, I love her character.

While Demetri is from White family. I don't like his character at first because he is annoying to the max. He is so rude also an icy cold heart he has because of what had happened to his family that has something to do with Black's family. The secret he holds is not easy things to do not because of the reputation that he will inherit from his legacy but more because of the situation is what makes him decide to hold it. Complicated, isn't it? Well, I can say he is complicated enough that I didn't know how to put into words whether I like him or not.

Anyway, the plot is beautifully written by Tabitha Peattie. The world-building is at a decent level meaning not much of action or adventurous things yet. Might be because it is the first book in the series. The first Ash Academy series is an introduction to us about the characters, the community, and people around them also their ability which you will be longing for more of this series. I know the ending isn't a cliff-hanging but you know, you want more because there will be more of the story and I want to know more how they handle their abilities, what can they do to the community and how will they make the community. The pace is a moderate level - not too fast and not to slow - which I can grasp all the story with enjoyment in reading it.

I enjoy Tainted Legacy and I cannot wait for the next series of Ash Academy. I suggest you reading the book as Tabitha Peattie's writing is definitely wonderful and the story in this first series is amazing enough.


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