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In conjunction with Lazada Online Revolution sales starting from 11th November until 14th December 2017, Lazada has organized an online contest for a blogger to participate. They have huge sales for us to go shopping at Lazada. What are you waiting for? Go to their site and start shopping!

Anyway, let's get to the questions:

1. Do you remember the first product that ever you purchased online? What was it and how was your experience?

I definitely remember my first ever experience in purchasing online back in early 2016. I did my purchase from this one website, if I'm not mistaken, the product that I bought was a purse because I am so in need a new purse and then I saw from this website. After a long moment of hesitation, reading thousand times for the instruction how-to, I, finally take my first baby step to make a purchase.


After waiting for less than a week, the product (my purse) has arrived at my house! The product is in a very good condition, just like how it shows on their website. Thus, I was super excited and I feel amazed at how easy and effective it is in purchasing products from the online website. Most importantly, with the tracking number they provide to every customer, it makes our heart at ease. Easy to track and see where and when the products will arrive at our house.

Also, last year was my first time as well purchasing products with Lazada and every product I have received was in a very good condition also they arrived perfectly on time.

It always a satisfaction when the product we have purchased arrived on time and in a wonderful condition. That's what we as a customer will be going back to their site to do the next purchase without feeling afraid. In addition, with their wonderful customer service is an added plus.

2. Which types of product would you prefer buying online?

For me, the product that I prefer to buy online is a book, bags, skin care product, makeup brushes, stationeries. In short, a product that does not need me to measure the size.

3. What do you love about online shopping?

Shopping is a sweet therapy for all of us even though, it is only for a window shopping. So, what do I love about online shopping? Here, let me share with you 3 things that I love about;

Save our time - With online shopping, I do not have to get ready to go out to a shopping mall. Just switch on my laptop or even using my smartphone anywhere, go to their website and browsing for whatever kind of products that I want to look at to purchase it. It is simply saving my time for the hassle to go to the shop!

Window shopping & compare their price - Instead of me going to one to another shop to find the products that I want. I only need to click and click on the website and browsing here and there also comparing the price until I found what I want that truly satisfy myself! Also, reading people's review of the product could help us before making a purchase.

Easy peasy make our life giddy - Purchasing online is super easy like ABC! Click on the product you want, review it again, fill your details, confirm the purchasing and let's wait for the product to arrive at our house! Doesn't it sound easy to you? Because I am. When the products arrive, it feels like a gift for you waiting to unwrap them!

4. Which products did you buy or are you planning to buy on Lazada during Online Revolution sales?

Women and handbags? They can never be apart and I need a new handbag now!

So, after browsing all day at Lazada's website and I have set my eyes on this beautiful handbag.

lazada online revolution

MonCoeur 304 European Style PU leather Slingbag Handbag (Black)

RM 37 (before: RM 199)

I have bought 4 bags from Lazada before and they are all in a wonderful condition just like what I saw on the website and it is still good until now. Hence, my next purchase will definitely want this handbag! 

Anyway, guys, come and join this contest from Lazada, they are wonderful prizes waiting for you 😄

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Gud luck.. kita pun join jugak