November Wrap Up

monthly wrap up

I feel like just a few weeks ago, I did my monthly wrap up and now, it's a monthly wrap up for last month which is unbelievably fast. I mean times flies so fast and now is December. Looking back over the past 11 months - err, what did I do in all those months?- kind of thoughts. Anyhow, let's ramble it later, maybe. Let's get into November monthly wrap up.

monthly wrap up

monthly wrap up

The synopsis of the book is the reason I wanted to read it. Somehow, it doesn't as what I expected it to be and I was surely disappointed. But do read the book, might be you going to love it.

Due to blog tour that I'm participating with, I have been giving the first book so, I could understand more about the story right from the start. To make it short, Bitsy Butler, she is not human nor a dragon but she looks like human and she is a rockstar. So, one day, someone approaches saying that she needs to stop a 'war'. It's an urban fantasy novel.

A ballerina meet a football player. The relationship doesn't begin with a very good term for both of them but throughout the story, they started to fond of each other.

Follow an adventure with Alice and Oliver to find Alice's father in a place called Furthermore that's so different where she lives. Furthermore is a place that's full of adventure waiting for them to discover also it's quite dangerous. 

The First Kiss Hypothesis is a story of two best friends turns into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. But to take their friendship into another level has caused them lots of confusion, trouble but I guess it is worth to finally give it a try and brave in terms of make a confession for their true feelings towards in each other.

The second installation of  The Secret Lives of Rockstars is a continuation of what Bitsy has left behind. When she thought, the 'war' is over but the truth it was not over yet. Bitsy need to do something in order to save Arizona and for the people who live in Arizona. It is her important task that needs to prevent before something bad happen.

Eden's friendship with Josh has begun a long time before both of them realize they do actually have a feeling for each other. But the realization takes quite bit amount of time. It is only when Josh wants Eden's help to help him find a girl. That's the beginning.

Anyway, my November's read is quite wonderful. Though it may not as much as I read in the previous month and I'm fully satisfied. 

I'm so excited for December's read and already begun my reading that I have chosen from Top Ten Books On My Winter TBR. On top of that, I have 7 books I'm planning to read in the month of December (and maybe there will be more) I hope I get to finish them all. 

 Monthly Wrap up
November has become super interesting with these new babies I have. Some of it I have received through a giveaway and/or from author and some it, I bought it. The books are:

1. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
I truly know nothing about this but all the book nerds around the world been talking how amazing this book and without hesitation, I pick this up. Anyway, I found this beautiful gem at SunMag.

2. Find Her by Lisa Gardner
I won a giveaway organize by bookmeetscoffee on Instagram. If you didn't know yet bookmeetscoffee is a book community from Malaysia. So, go and give it them a follow! Anyway, it's a thriller genre book which has a mystery that needed to be solved by a detective, if I'm not mistaken. Anyhow, reading the synopsis does make me want to go into the book and join the detective!

3. Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index by Julie Israel
Again, I won a giveaway and this book has been sent by the author itself through book depository which a book that I am so looking forward to reading as many book nerds talk about how good it is.

4. The Unity Game by Leonora Meriel
A book that was sent by the author itself. This is my first hearing about this book and another interstellar mystery that I want to take a look at it and for sure going to share with you as soon as I finish reading the book. By the way, isn't the book cover is spectacular?

Monthly Wrap Up

monthly wrap up

Movie/TV Shows
Thor: Ragnarok

I am really enjoying this movie to the fullest. It was so hilarious right from the beginning of the movie until the end of it. It's very amusing. Thor is really good looking when the hair is cut off and hulk when he is a hulk, not Banner, he is funny especially when he is sulking of what Thor said to him. Because of the movie so wonderful that I have to watch it two times in the cinema.

Loki - well he is annoying as always but in the end, he is at least help his brother even though, I know he is stealing that blue rock whatever that name is. In conclusion, I have a love-hate relationship with Loki tho.

Overall, it is amazing.


monthly wrap up

Movie/TV Shows
Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I am so looking forward to this month for the movie to come out especially Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I have been loving Star Wars trilogy since I was a kid and with this new character, Rey and Kylo Ren. I can't wait to know who Rey is. I have a lot discussion with my dad and my sister about it thousand times. Assuming that, assuming this and I guess our assuming going to be over when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit the cinemas!!

15th December 2017

May the force be with you.

Movie/TV Shows
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

Even the new Jumanji. It looks promising. Another movie I can't wait to watch. 

20th December 2017

In early November, I make a decision to have a new template design for my blog. After long thinking, which template that truly caught my heart, I finally pick a grid/masonry style template by Templates by Kate which fricking beautiful. I bought it at only RM22 and a blogger friend who is also book nerd as I am, Siqahiqa has helped me to buy the template for me. Thank you again, Siqah! :)

new templates

Also per mention before in one of my post, Google Adsense has approved and it is a YAY!

To read more about it, you may click here.

I think I'm going to stop here for a bit. Not remembering much of what other stuff I been done throughout November lol I guess I need to jot that down somewhere and thank God, I just bought a simple plain notebook for me to write down of whatever I'm going to do this month and that also leads to buying more washi tapes. Currently, I have 4 washi tapes, for now (and I am certain, it will be more soon!).

Anyhow, see you in my next post!

Fatina xoxo

monthly wrap up

Have you accomplished any goals that you have set this year?


Eyqa Zq said…
May the positive vibes of December be with you fatina <3
Azreen Sofia said…
My goal this year is to gfet dean list. Alhamdulillah, I achieved that even though I am not able to achieve it on my first 2 semesters. But I guess I'm done with my semester 4. It sucks

I am looking for a simple notebook for me to bring anywhere too because I do think that my short term memory is getteing worse :/
Afifah Nabila said…
I haven't accomplished all of my goals, but I succeeded in accomplishing some and I'm grateful for that. I met a counselor to talk about my problems, and although I didn't succeed in beating procrastination, at least I procrastinate lesser. I hope you'll enjoy your December :) xo
atheera dayana said…
Can’t wait for Star Wars!

I still have not accomplish my goals but I am on the way!

☆ Atheera ☆
sooo many new books here to look at! i just finished the one i was currently reading so excited to get stuck into another one!

im also soooo excited for jumanji - that was one of my favourite films when i was younger!

katie. xx ♥
Congratulation, Azreen! You hard work has been paid off :)

simply agree with you. The need of notebook is crucial right now since I keep forgetting things which that is not good. Shall you find good and easy to bring anywhere at MPH. They have beautiful notebook :)
Alhamdulillah and congratulation for your accomplishment, Afifah :)
I hope you enjoy your december too :) xx
Star Wars the most awaiting movie of the year :)

Chaiyok chaiyok! :)
Hi Katie! <3
That's wonderful. Enjoy your next reading :)

Jumanji is the best childhood movie and I can/t wait for it too:)