Reminisce 2017: Top 5 Favourite Korean Drama

reminisce 2017

In four days we will be going to enter 2018, hence, I'm going to do a recall 2017 - sharing with you all my favorite things and stuff I enjoy during 2017 which I'm going to put it only up to 5 things I love. I guess let's do less talking more writing here.

Let's move to my first Reminisce 2017 - 5 Korean Drama that I love to watch. Here we go;

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God // Goblin (Dec 2016 - Jan 2017)

reminisce 2017
In the present day, Ji Eun-Tak is a high school student. She still sees ghosts and hears their whisper of “Dokkaebi’s bride.” She now lives with her aunt’s family, but she is mistreated by them. On her birthday, Ji Eun-Tak sits by the sea with a lighted birthday cake. At that time, Kim Shin suddenly appears in front of her. Kim Shin does not know why, but he can hear her voice and appears in front of her against his will. Coincidentally, Kim Shin lives with the Grim Reaper at the same house.
Now, Kim Shin appears in front of her against his will, whenever she turns off the lights. One day, Ji Eun-Tak tells him that he is Dokkaebi and she is his bride. - asianwiki

My Thought: It started in December 2016 but the drama ended in January 2017, I guess it still applicable to be in this post, don't you think? lol, Anyway, who doesn't love Goblin? The panorama in Goblin was mesmerizing, so beautiful! The story plot is wonderful - there is a funny and sad moment. I cried when Goblin disappeared and Ji Eun-Tak forgets everything about him also when she finally, remember him - OMG! I can't stop crying. 😢 Overall, I'm satisfied with the ending. Oh! Almost forgot, the songs in Goblin is amazing!!

Strong Woman Do Bong- Soon (February - April 2017)

reminsice 2017
Bong-Soon was born with superhuman like strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. One day, Bong-Soon helps out a bus driver who is being attacked by a thug. Soon, a small mob of thugs attack Bong-Soon, but she is easily able to wipe the floor with them. During this time, Min-Hyuk drives up to the scene of Bong-Soon beating up the group of thugs. Min-Hyuk is the CEO of video gaming company Ainsoft. - asianwiki
My Thought: THE CUTEST DRAMA EVER!!! I love Park Bo-Young and Park Hyung Sik.  Their chemistry on TV is wonderful. I have to rewatch this drama more than 5 times because it is my most favorite drama ever! I have no words to put here on how I enjoy this drama. I just love it.

Fight For My Way (May - July 2017)

reminisce 2017
Follow the story about underdogs with big dreams and third-rate specs just struggling to survive, and craving for success for the career they're low qualified. And the long time friendship blossoming into romance between two immature friends Ko Dong-man (Park Seo-joon) and Choi Ae-ra (Kim Ji-won) whose childish dynamic hasn't changed despite reaching adulthood - wikipedia

My Thought:  It is a cute story and I feel like relatable in our life (or am I the only one feeling like that?). The struggling that both two main characters have to face in their life - find a job, they need to compete with other competitors to secure a job during the interview, the failure they have to face and how they take it positive from it and make an effort to change their life. I enjoy watching the drama very much. I guess it is my first time seeing the cute side of Kim Ji Won.

While You Were Sleeping (Sept - November 2017)

reminisce 2017
Hong-Joo lives with her mother and helps her run a pork restaurant. Hong-Joo is haunted by seeing the future deaths of others in her dreams. What's worse is that she does not know when the deaths will happen, but she tries to stop her dreams from becoming reality. One night, Hong-Joo dreams about the death of her own mother.
Meanwhile, Jae-Chan is a rookie prosecutor. He meets Yoo-Beom at the prosecutors’ office. Yoo-Beom was Jae-Chan’s private tutor when Jae-Chan was a student, but an incident caused Jae-Chan to dislike him. Yoo-Beom was a prosecutor, but he now works as a lawyer. He takes on any case that brings him money.
My Thought: A dream become a reality? That is the scariest things ever. In this drama, Hong-Joo's dreaming something bad about people she really cares in her life and what will happens scares her the most while Jae-Chan, he also got the same dream as Hong-Joo except he more like taking an action to prevent bad things happen. Watching this drama give you safe for a while and then next, the scariest thing begin.

Black (October - December 2017)

reminisce 2017
Black/Han Moo-Gang is a detective possessed by the Grim Reaper. Ha-Ram can see shadows of death. These two struggle to save the lives of people, breaking the rules of heaven.

My Thought:  Han Moo-Gang plays two different characters. The beginning of it - he is an innocent and clumsy detective (he is afraid of blood and anything else) and because he is in a bad situation, he's been shot to death that a grim reaper has taken over his body. While, Ha-Ram, she has to wear sunglasses because she can see the shadow of death. When I watching this drama, there are multiple times I got confused - what are they want? What the heck he/she wants? Why does Black do that? So, I suggest to you to watch it when no one disturbing you so that, you can thoroughly focusing on the drama. Anyhow, I enjoy this drama even though at first, I stop watching it for a while 😅

What an amazing Korean drama in 2017. I know that there are more but these are my most favorite to watch in 2017. Currently, there is two more Korean drama currently airing on TV which I absolutely enjoy watching and can't wait for their new episode that is - I'm Not A Robot and Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me.

What is your favorite Korean Drama of 2017?


sviors said…
Seriously, Black and Goblin are my favourite kdrama this year. Jalan cerita yang best dan menarik, ada fantasi-fantasi gitu hahaha.
black, confusing sangat sampai stop kejap then baru sambung haritu tengok sampai habis. Nasib baik best lepas tu hehe :D

yg ada unsur fantasi ni best sikit hehe
sviors said…
Haha kan, kita tengok drama ni stress betul. Ada kita tulis pasal drama ni tapi tak full laa -
Mama Pipie said…
Menarik semua jalan ceritanya
Nur Anis said…
Saya tak tengok lagi cerita Black, lepas finals kot. Tapi yang lain dah tengok, serious best omg hahah :)
Razanah Anis said…
I haven't finished black but I know it's gonna be amazing.. hahaha.. While you're sleeping pun belum but others mmg the best..!
Farah said…
Belum tengok Goblin dengan Black lagi. Yang lain dah tengok and I quite like them :D
Eyqa Zq said…
Currently im watching Black too, I admit the storyline a bit lame, and I already on the 10th ep (6 to go!). But now I discover A Korean Odyssey and it had catch my attention from the first ep :D
bivichan (BV) said…
BV dah tengok semua, except While You Were Sleeping (still in my gonna-watch-list XD )
yes, Black kdrama totally full of twists. memula rasa nak drop je drama ni sebab rasa biasa2 je, sebab curious, teruskan jugak. last2, plot twist diaaaa memang taksangka la.

still can't move on with Goblin. awesome casts, great plot and twist, a really good cinematography and OST! one of my all-time fav drama <3

sama la, my current ongoing kdrama I'm not a robot and Black Knight!
nadiah izzaty said…
Nadia tgk habis Goblin and Fight for My way je . Yang lain tgk tapi separuh jalan lepas tue dah tak sambung dah . Maybe sebab every time balik kerja dah penat on je mesti tertido. Hahaha
Boleh masuk list untuk tengok bila ada masa terluang :)
tgok lepas final sb cerita dia agak confusing jugak :)
betul betul yang lain best kan :D
Good luck untuk final exam :)
Black need a lot of concentration untuk nya kalau tak memang confusing tapi memang best! :D
While you were sleeping tu pon best :D
Nanti ada masa terluang tgk lah tau Goblin tu sb dia best :D Black perlu fokus untuk tgk sb bg Fatina pening sikit ceritanya tapi memang best :D
Black is quite lame but the plot twist in the story was quite interesting tho I admit I stop watching it for awhile sb pening hehe A Korean Odyssey? Never heard about it. Should try watching it soon :D
Happy New Year, Eyqa <3
While You Were Sleeping sangat best! Tgk cepat tau BV :D
Fatina stop tgk kejap sebab pening sangat tgk tp overall tgk smpai hbs memang best :)

Setuju dgn BV! Goblin is the best :D

Situasi Black Knight skrg agak geram tgk! >.< tp I'm not a robot kelakar sangat hehe

Happy New Year, BV! :D
faham sangat tu, Nadia. Selalu memang mcm tu la. Balik kerja tak nampak apa dah. Katil je nampak. hehe

takpe nanti ada masa-masa terluang boleh tgk hehehe
Siqah Hussin said…
Siqah suka all dramas kecuali Black. Hii. Tak tengok habis, sampai ep 6 je tengoknya. Mungkin tak faham sangat jalan ceritanya dan tengah tengok drama lain jugak masa tu. Kawan kata ending Black tak best, lagilah Siqah tak sambung tengok 😅