Life Lessons I Have learned in 2017


It's the third week of January and my life is pretty much okay. Nothing much to share with you just yet which include my reading. I am currently reading 4 books but one of it, I have to stop for awhile definitely not because I like the book or hated it, it just too heavy for me as it truly needs 200% concentration to read the book. lol

Anyway, I hope it is not yet considered late to post anything related to 2017. So, in 2017? I'm here to write a simple post of 5 Life Lessons I have learned in 2017. Without me rant something else, let's just jump straight into the points.

1. Ignore whatever talk about you

I know this is quite hard to do but in order for myself to live a beautiful life and embracing my day to day basis - ignore - is what the best thing to do in my life (and yours too). People will still talk about you though you did nothing to them still people going to hate you for no concrete reason, backlash you, talking bad things about you BUT WHY SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO THEM? If we do what and how they do then we will be the same as them. The best way is to IGNORE!

2. Failure is part of our lives and stops comparing. Keep your heads up and move on and do it again.

To be successful, there will be a hundred over thousands of obstacles and challenges we have to face whether we like it or not, we are going to need to face it. Don't let ourselves feels demotivated, sad, etc when failure reaches us. You need to yourself, you can do, you able to do it, you will do it and YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! That's what I've been and will be held throughout my life. What is a success without experience in failure? Stop comparing your life with others. We have different paths in our life and different ways to be successful. So, be grateful and happy for what you have.

3. Appreciate everyone who matters to you

Family and close friends are the most important person in our life. The one who supports you, the one who has been there throughout your happiness and heartbreaking/failure you have to face in your life. They are there for you to give moral support and to provide unlimited love for you. Embrace them, appreciate them for everything they have done and will do for you.

4. Learn to say 'NO'.

It's hard to say No when someone wants something from us though we know deep down in our heart, we do not want to make ourselves involve with them. So, last year has taught me to say 'NO' to the person without let them feel hurt by what I said and how I rejected them.

5. Forgive people even though it is hard

Forgiving someone will leave our heart at peace thus forgive them though it is hard to do so. Forgive them with an open heart and learn to forget about it but try to avoid things that happened to you and them.

2017 is a year full of challenges that makes me laugh so hard which also makes cry real hard too. Somehow, it is a year that I'm enjoying my life and learn to appreciate every single thing in my life. So, be grateful and my 2018 will be a year full of happiness, Insha Allah. :)

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What lesson have you learned in 2017?

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Erni Hasmiza said…
" Appreciate everyone who matters to you " -what an amazing lesson ^_^