4 Things I Do, I Received & I Plan in the Month of February

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Ah, it's been awhile since my last update about myself in here. I truly miss writing here on my blog but time does not give me a chance to do what I truly enjoy in my life which is spending time with my blog. Anyway, I don't want to take your time that much reading long rants from me which I certainly will make you feel bored. So, without further ado let me just cut it short into a bullet point of what happened in February.

1. I Got A Job!

Yes! I just started my job in early February! Alhamdulillah. I am so grateful thus far. Job is okay nothing much I want to share about it. It's a struggle since there are many things I need to learn, new functions, new environment hence I need time to adapt. But friends from work - they are wonderful!

2. Received More Books To Read & Review

Fatina and books? Do I need to elaborate on that? I guess not. But, it will definitely more upcoming reviews to be featured on my blog. I am excited to review and share with you guys but I'm thinking of different format but I've no idea how to do it. Yet. I guess you will see how it goes 'cause I need new way to review to make it more interesting (or so I hope).

3. Upcoming Products Review

Okay. Beside books, I have two non-bookish related need to review here and I am currently working hard to review it and taking beautiful pictures for them. I'm sorry for not able to review it soon after receiving it but I will do it by this week. Insha Allah

4. Planning 

I have many things in my mind that I plan to buy, to have and want it in my hand now but it is still a plan so I think I should not reveal it here yet. I want to tell you guys but I'm not sure that is a good idea anyhow let leave it to that.

Nothing wonderful happened in February aside from having a job (which of course, I am truly grateful) and I feel like job has caught up my time way too much that makes me feel disconnected from world for a bit. Seriously, I don't even know what new Korean drama that is currently airing on TV now. It will be great if you share with me what's new on TV 'cause I need that now. I guess I need to adjust my life with this new daily activity every week otherwise I will feel like I'm a robot. lol

5 days of holidays start today (Thursday) and I have so many things to do which I am definitely excited! Anyway, I would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year and have an amazing weekends, guys!

See you in next post!

Fatina xx

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BELLA said…
maybe you can watch eulachacha waikiki , that's a funny korean drama gonna be the fifth episode this monday
Erni Hasmiza said…
Congrats Fatina on the new job
Rasya said…
Good luck and congrats on starting the new job!
Hanis Amanina said…
Congrats Fatinaaaa and all the best for the new job!

I just done marathon for Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) and it is interesting and gonna finish in 6 episodes more. :D
Razanah Anis said…
Well, I would recommend Hwayugi, Mother and Prison Playbook..
Eyja Masliza said…
Aww congrats baby girl! Harap you will archive more and more! ❤
Eyqa Zaque said…
I miss my time with blogging too and if only I have a better ideas & topics to cover when I got the time. Haha. Like you said fatina, work always make me torn a bit.

'cause I need new way to review to make it more interesting' - im thinking the same too because I just got bored just by reading my own review. hahahaha.

btw, be strong fatina and yay congrats for the new job! :D

Unfold me here : The Hundred Pages | Eyqa
Never heard that before, I shall watch it now :D
Thank you, Bella <3
Thank you, Hanis! <3

I heard about Hwayugi before but I never get the time to watch it but since I'm on holiday now, I shall watch it :D
Put it in my list now! Thank you, Anis! <3
Aww, thank you, Eyja! <3
Insha Allah, amin ya rabbal al amin :)
That is so true, Eyqa! Definitely agree with you. Jumbling with work and trying my best to insert reading & blogging into our time, it takes a lot of effort to do it but reading can never get away from us, right? :D

I am bored with my review T_T I new tactics, new format, I don't know, I have not yet have any idea on how to do it hehe :D

You too, Eyqa! Let's work our way to achieve higher and be the best as we can <3