[Blog Tour:Review] The Dating Debate by Chris Cannon

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The Dating Debate by Chris Cannon
Publisher: Entangled Crush
Publication Date: February 5th, 2018
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Source: Received an eARC from Entangled Crush in exchange for an honest review.
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Nina Barnes thinks Valentine’s Day should be optional. That way single people like her wouldn’t be subjected to kissy Cupids all over the place. That is, until her mom moves them next door to the brooding hottie of Greenbrier High, West Smith. He’s funny, looks amazing in a black leather jacket, and he’s fluent in Harry Potter, but she’s not sure he’s boyfriend material. 

West isn’t sure what to make of Nina. She’s cute and loves to read as much as he does, but she seems to need to debate everything and she has a pathological insistence on telling the truth. And West doesn’t exactly know how to handle that since his entire life is a carefully constructed secret. Dating the girl next door could be a ton of fun, but only if Nina never finds out the truth about his home life. It’s one secret that could bring them together or rip them apart. 

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book is not for anyone who has to get in the last word, but it is for all book nerds, especially those who live next door to so called unapproachable gorgeous guys. There’s no debating the chemistry.


This is my second time reading a book written by Chris Cannon and I must The Dating Debate is an adorable young teenagers romance which I enjoy reading as both the main character itself is a bookworm! What a bonus point in there.

Let me share with you a bit about this book. Nina, she is a bookworm who loves Harry Potter, love her dog very much and I can say that she enjoys her life the way it is even though, her parents have divorced. Speaking of that, it did affect her in terms of trusting someone. 

While West. He lives just beside Nina's house and his family is kind of strange because of his mom's illness which makes them not the type of saying-hello-to-the-neighbor somehow they do communicate with Nina's family sometimes due to Nina's family renting their house. 

Rather than focusing on a pie-in-the-sky-happily-ever-after ending, I'd focus on living the moment and being happy for now. Just. - Nina, The Dating Debate by Chris Cannon.

Their relationship started when West's ex-girlfriend wants him to be her prom date while Nina's brother wants to set her up with one of his friend in which Nina's turn it down and set up the boy with West's ex-girlfriend and West said that Nina will be her Valentine date and that's the beginning of their on and off relationship.

What I can point it here about this whole book was it is a quirky and a fun light reading that I really love reading them. I love Nina and West's character even though both of them like to debate with each other about many other things but Nina knows how to control the situation though she does sometimes lose the battle while I might have to say that sometimes I do hate West (only, sometimes). Geez, he always did something before talking about it which kinda annoying.

Anyhow, the book is perfect to read if you want something light, something easy to get into the characters and story, I think you should give The Dating Debate by Chris Cannon a try!



Chris Cannon is the award-winning author of the Going Down in Flames series and the Boyfriend Chronicles. She lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and several furry beasts.  
She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can find her sucking down caffeine and writing fire-breathing paranormal adventures or romantic comedies. You can find her online at www.chriscannonauthor.com 


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