Review | A Scented Candle Makes Our Heart Melt by CandleNuts by Nadia


Who doesn't fancy in having a wonderful scent that gives our room (or house) a beautiful smell which helps us lighten our mood and makes our day even more better? Don't you agree? I have been grown up with a scented candle that can be found everywhere in our house and always urge to try new candle because without trying and looking for a new candle, you might not able to found the right one for you, right?

So, today, I would love to share with you guys, a cute candle in small size like candies or like a chocolate shape and that smells really good. So good that I'm practically want to chew them all. lol Anyway, before I'm jumping into where you can buy and how to purchase it, let me share with you a few details about this candle.

candlenuts by nadia

One of the products by CandleNuts by Nadia which is a Candle Meltz. It is a wickless scented candle that is in a form a beautiful delicate shape in which you can be used in an oil burner to release their scents. It is perfectly great, especially how the scents give a good smell around us. That being said, I am currently putting it on by my side while writing this review.

candlenuts by nadia

Moreover, Candle Meltz is 100% made with natural palm wax that is sourced locally. It is a non-GMO so, that's sound great, isn't it?

There is five scented candles that you can purchase from CandleNuts by Nadia which are:

  • Lavender (Flower)
  • Pandan Cake (Food Scent)
  • Fresh Cotton (Clean Scent)
  • Sea-trus (Fruity)
  • Coconut+Rose (Sweet)

How to use?:

One, of course, the most important thing to burn your beautiful scented candle is using an oil burner. You need to have them if not, where should you burn them? Hmm

Next, pick your choice of Candle Meltz and light your tealight candle and walla! The smells will spread around your room. 

candlenuts by nadia

Psst: I heard that you can mix and match your Candle Meltz! Also, you can burn your scented candle repeatedly until it turns black then change into a new one!

How about the price?:

One pack at 35kg costs only RM 12.90 but they are currently given a promotion until the end of February which only cost you at RM 9.90.

But if you are not sure which scented candle shall you purchase, they also sell a sampler pack that contains all scents available for you (1 to 2 portion for each scent) that price at RM 12.90 (their promotional price until the end of February) and their normal price is at RM 15.90.

candlenuts by nadia

Does not have an oil burner? Worry no more, they also sell oil burner, tealight candle, and also a combo set!

By the way, you can also this scented candle as a freshener in a small space by putting them in an organza bag and chuck them in your closet, drawer, anywhere you want to put it at.

Where you can find CandleNuts by Nadia?:

You can find it on their Instagram: @candlenutsbynadia

candlenuts by nadia


Having this Candle Meltz which you burn it on oil burner is something that I've been used since forever and yes, we are all loving how the smells spread in our room. It gives calm with the nice scented candle that burned on the oil burner. 

At the first look when I received the package, I was like 'wow, the shape looks like a bar of chocolate that makes me want to bite and taste it because it is so cute and I could not take my eyes of it that add with the scent that makes melt when I smell them.' 

Among five scented Candle Meltz that I have, my favourite scent is Lavender and Coconut+Rose but when I burned the Pandan Cake, it turns out that smell even more powerful that I keep repeatedly burn it out. Honestly, I have not yet burned the other three scented candle because I am so loving them all that is hard to separate from them. Erm, is that okay for me to not burning them all? errr. No. I guess I should burn it tomorrow after I finish burning Lavender. Hiks I guess it is hard to pick which will be my favourite hence I shall give my love to all of them. Hiks

The price for the Candle Meltz is reasonable and I recommend you to try them out! Go and experience them! 

I am very much enjoying the scented candle even my parents too. We are all satisfied with it. 💖 The scents smell in a very traditional way especially the Pandan Cake scent but all in all, it is definitely a wonderful scent. 

Okay, I shall stop now since I'm burning this scented candle I shall proceed my reading as it gives my mind and body relax even more that makes craving to read and finish my reading today!

Psst: Whether you a book lover who needs to burn a candle while reading( like, me) or you're not a reader still, go and try this candle. It is a Malaysian based and they are available around Malaysia. 

I personally would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Nadia Rashid for providing a nice, beautiful scented candle (Candle Meltz) in exchange for an honest review.

candlenuts by nadia

I shall see you in my next post. Enjoy your day, everyone!


atheera dayana said…
Thanks for this helpful review! I am going to check their IG and check out their candles. Can’t wait to try them out.

☆ Atheera ☆
Sally said…
Interesting, I am indeed a candle collecter, obviously when people travels they but keychains etc, but I will but a candle for myself..hehe :)

Thanks for sharing!
Your welcome, Tyra! Have fun trying them :D
I guess you should try them out and might be one your favourite, who knows :)

I'm glad that I share this with you and everyone!

Thank you for dropping by Sally! :)