Book Review | The City of Secret Rivers by Jacob Sager Weinstein

jacob sager weinstein
Other titles: Hyacinth and the Secret Beneath (Hyacinth #1)
Publisher: Walker Books
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2017
Genre: Middle Grade, Adventure, Children, Fantasy
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Source: Thank you Pansing Books for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review.



We stood there for a moment,
the drop of water and I,
And then we both leapt at once.

Hyacinth Hayward has only just arrived in London, but she's already accidentally unleashed magical powers flowing under the city.

Now her mother has been kidnapped by Royal Mail uniform-wearing monsters, and a giant pig in a swimsuit is insisting on an underground tea party.

Her new neighbour, Lady Rosalyn, has other plans, and the clock is ticking. Can Hyacinth save her mother and her city?


The City of Secret Rivers is about a girl who has moved back to her home country with her mom. So, one day, Hyacinth has made a mistake and because of that, her mom has been kidnapped by the Royal Mail which she is in need to find a way to solve what she has caused and to save her mom also the city but little did she know, she has to go underground river to be able to solve the problem.

I know I have to mention here to you that the cover is what has brought me to pick this book to read. It's beautiful and it has the feel to bring me to the epic adventure with all the characters and it did. 

The story is definitely a fast-paced adventure with Hyacinth bring us to the epic fantasy adventure underground river (or is it a sewer?) and applaud to the author as himself has written such a beautifully descriptive about how the underground rivers look likes and with all peculiar characters' Hyacinth has found along the way to find her mother especially The Saltpetre Men that keep on chasing Hyacinth and Lady Rosalyn are so annoying but in the same time is I find it amusing because of how there are many 'S' letters in one word when they talk.

However, I am struggling throughout reading the book which I have to stop reading a few times for me to try to understand the story's structure and the plots. In which, I do not truly engage with the story that well and I have to flip a few pages before to get to the point.

In spite of that, I still having fun reading the book and my favourite character in this book is the pig because the pig is hilarious with using the cards and all that. So, if you are into ancient history with the spark of serious yet hilarious and funny adventure, I do recommend you to read The City of Secret Rivers by Jacob Sager Weinstein because even myself after reading this book made me think if there is any magic underground river where I live. Why not give it a try, dearest readers!