Book Discussion | How Do I Find Time To Read?

"24 hours a day is never enough for us."


Many of us feel like having 24 hours a day is not enough since there's a lot of things you want to do and all of that need to be cramp altogether in a day. Now, you start to think the need of making a plan each day which sometimes it impossible to do but it is possible if you know how to manage your time appropriately. That way your 24 hours a day will be enough and your body and mind could adjust to it.

"Work, stuck in a jam, eating, hanging out with your friends, sleeping - there are so many things to do in a day, you got no time to read!"

With those things you do every day, how in the world are you going to fit your time to read. Isn't that in your mind, am I right? Many people have always asked me, 'How do you exactly find your time to read?" or "How do you manage your time to read when there's a lot of work need to be done and adding up with stressful things your mind need to cope," etc etc.

Here's the thing, when you enjoy doing things you love, you will always going to find a time for it and it will never muddle with your work or anything. Just like, when you enjoy your work and you will never have to work a day in your life. Do you get what I mean, right?

Even so, let me share with you on how do I find my time to read. Let's cut the chase and straight into the points;

By bringing your reading materials anywhere with you, it will always give your mind something to read whenever you have time especially if you commute by train or taxi to work. If you don't have space to put your book in your bag then you can utilize your smartphone by installing a Kindle (or any reading apps in your phone) and buy & download an ebook save it in your phone. Either one that suits your preference on which reading material you like. As for me, I enjoy both but of course, I love physical books more because the feels and the smells of the books are always the best.

After hours of working and it's time for your lunch so, why not bring your reading materials with you. You know while waiting for your food to arrive (well, you know it takes time to for the food to arrive) you might want to read a page or two because why not? Unless you are going out lunch with your friends then there will be no reading in that time.

Reading first thing in the morning may not be the best option for some people so, why not opt for reading at night. Well, I heard that, when you read at night, it gives a lot of good things to you especially your mind. What I mean is that when you read at night, it will help to reduce your stress and you will sleep better. I guess that is why many parents always read bedtime stories to their children.

As for me, I do read at night which I limit to at least 5 to 6 pages before I sleep and it does reduce my stress as I forget things that stressing me during the day because you know when you start to read, it will gives you wonder and joy by enjoying your adventure with the stories.

Also, I do read in the morning too while waiting for my office to open their doors.

These are the things of how I find my time to read. it might differ for everyone on how they prefer their time to read but that's okay as long as you enjoy your reading and make time for you to read, there is no reason for you not to read. However, if your mind and body are too tired or not in the mood to read then should you not force yourself to read. You do want to enjoy your reading to the fullest, isn't it?

Above all, reading is something that you should truly enjoy as it gives you satisfaction and joy after you finish your reading and that if you read at least one to two pages a day then it's fine, it's okay because the most important thing is you enjoy your reading.

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As for you, how do you manage your time to read?


Sha Mohamed said…
Memang tak kira masa kalau membaca nie.. Sebelum tidur.. Sementara tunggu baju di mesin, sementara tunggu anak mandi, sambil tunggu anak keluar sekolah.. Pantang ada masa menunggu, bukulah jadi bff..
Sofie Adie said…
I always bring my books everywhere. Bila takde buku rasa macam tak lengkap. Rela teritnggal phone dr tertinggal buku untuk baca, buku untuk conteng dan pen. Huhuhu

Lya Amie said…
To bring my book anywhere I go would be quite difficult because I hate bringing extra stuff with me and I don't like using big bag/handbag. But oh, if there's a will, there's a way, right? Haha
I have plenty of time to read but I chose not to because was so lazy lately. Not a good habit!
I read books during my time going to work on the train. It helps me mantain my reading habit as a working adul twho have no time to read because when I get home I just want to lie in my bed lol
Mijablur said…
Bring a book anywhere I go, sure yes hahaha much better than scrolling down social media, also love physical books than e-book..
Fatina said…
Betul tu Kak Sha tak kira tempat untuk kita semua membaca, ada je masa tereluang laju je amik buku, baca :D
Fatina said…
Betul tu Sofie, main phone lama2 rasa berpinar biji mata. Jadi, buku lah sahabat baik kita kan :D
Fatina said…
It is. To hold extra stuff will be difficult for us as we are really afraid what if we might lost them, isn't it? :)
Try read at least one to two page a day who knows it might help you to get the mood to read and get rid the laziness hehe :D
Fatina said…
That's amazing, Rasya! Reading while commute to work is always the best thing to do :)
Fatina said…
Reading is more enjoyable than scrolling down our social media, right? :D
Enjoy your reading, Erni!