Book Review | Jake Atlas And The Hunt For Feathered God by Rob Lloyd Jones

rob lloyd jones
Publisher: Walker Books
Publication Date: March 1st, 2018
Is it a series?: Yes, Jake Atlas #2
Genre: Middle Grade, Mystery
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Source: Thank you Pansing Books for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review

Jake Atlas and his family are on the run, hunted by international police while chasing the mysterious People of the Snake to stop them from hiding the secret history of humankind. But when the family’s friend, Sami, is poisoned, the People of the Snake force the Atlases to work for them in exchange for a cure. Their mission: to locate a legendary lost city and the tomb of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl in the jungles of Honduras – home to bandits, big cats, tarantulas and crocodiles. But the family’s greatest enemy is themselves, as their squabbles threaten to get them into even deeper trouble.
In order to reach the tomb, the family must survive ancient traps, jump out of a crashing plane, escape a jaguar’s lair, climb a cliff of skulls, jump over a huge waterfall and escape from a trap of swinging blades!
A brilliant heart-thumping sequel to the increasingly popularJake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake, this is another high-octane adventure, full of laughs and high-tech gadgets, from an award-winning author.

It's a perfect adventure of the Atlas's family that takes us all readers to hunt for a treasure which is super interesting. Although this is the second book of the series and I have NOT yet read the first one which a bit bump to me as I was kind of like what is going on? Why are they hiding? BUT, I am still able to follow the story and their adventure.
From what I understand, the Atlas family, the parents are a treasure hunter right before the twins were born and when they born they stop from doing it and lead a normal life but something that forces them to be back into action that need to bring their kids along - 12 years old twins - Jake, the troublemaker and Pandora, the genius which makes the adventure more interesting to read and follow.
Anyway, I have to mention this that I am so annoyed with Jake for the whole time, right from the start to the end of my reading. He always causes trouble, always makes a decision that will stun everyone especially his parents, of course also he is fearless which means he is ready to take a risk despite being in a tough situation. However, that decision he made is always the best even how annoying his character is, I have to admit he makes the situation less frightening with his witty characters.
While Pandora, she is more like always trying to think and make a rational decision before taking action and yes, she is full of knowledge. Ask her anything, she can answer without a hitch. That makes Jake and his sister, Pandora the best team.
The story plot written by the author is full of mysterious that you are hungry for more of wanting to know why what and how and who does what. In which, it is a super fun reading that not only the young kids will enjoy reading the book but for us, adults will enjoy reading it too.
Overall, Jake Atlas and The Hunt For Feathered God is an adventure story that has a lot of fun, hunting for a treasure, discover ancient things along the way, it feels really like I am part of the team with the Atlas family. Honestly, I'm craving for more of Jake Atlas adventure. There's a lot of action happening in the book but nothing hideous or gruesome happens, I would say, you will enjoy this fast-paced action that will keep you turning page after one page and that's how fun the reading is.
If you're a big fan of Indiana Jones, you might want to give Jake Atlas a chance to read. I definitely recommend you to read the book, if you are up to treasure hunter kind of story.


Hanachie said…
Nice review!!! ^^ hehe sounds great <3
Farhana Jafri said…
suka movie treasure hunt macam ni tapi lagi suka tengok movie. Anyway, nice review fatina :)
Sha Mohamed said…
Buku adventure.. menarik..
Not a big fan of indiana Jones but the genre is quite interesting..
Fatina said…
It's more like National Treasure movie and yup, the genre is interesting to read :D
Fatina said…
betul betul bila membaca buku ni terasa seperti kita pulak yg tgh dalam misi cari treasure tu :D
Fatina said…
tengok movie dengan sound system nya memang seronok kan :D
Thank you awak :)
Fatina said…
Thank you, Hana! :D
Anonymous said…
Venom, kolego, świetnie się tam spisałeś.