Book Review | When The Mountains Roared by Jess Butterworth

book review

Publisher: Orion
Publication Date: April 5th, 2018
Is it a series?: No
Genre: Middle Grade, Fiction
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Source: Thank you Pansing Books for sending me an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.


I thought we'd live here forever. But then I thought Mum would be here forever too.

When Ruby's dad uproots her from Australia to set up a hotel in the mountains of India, Ruby is devastated. Not only are they living in a run-down building in the middle of the wilderness surrounded by scorpions, bears and leopards, but Ruby is sure that India will never truly feel like home - not without her mum there.Ever since her mum died, Ruby has been afraid. Of cars. Of the dark. Of going to sleep and never waking up. But then the last remaining leopards of the mountain are threatened and everything changes. Ruby vows to do all she can to protect them - if she can only overcome her fears...


It's been a while since I last read a book in one sitting that has really intrigued me with the story. When The Mountains Roared is about a girl who has lost her mom and had to suddenly moved from Australia to India that she is not really familiar with although it is the country where her mom and dad was born and also her grandmother. The story is set in the Himalayas where her dad is been hired to run a new hotel. 

The story is full of adventure for a 12 years old kid named Ruby, who has love toward animals, photography and how she is really brave to track down the people who killed the leopards. Although, she is at first, feels hard to adjust to a new place though she makes it with having a new friend, Praveen. Both of them, Ruby and Praveen made really good friendship, learning lots of thing from each other.

Honestly, this book has a lot of good things which you can get from reading it. As the theme of the book varies from loves toward animals, safe wildlife, poaching and learning a new culture. It's definitely a heartwarming when reading this book. How it feels so close to heart and as the author mentioned that it was used from her own experience that makes it even more beautifully written and get to know things that truly happened in real life was so 'wow' to me and how amazing that was. Also, the part when the men who killed the leopard truly sting my heart and seeing her baby cub is crying for her mother made my heart cries out for her. Thankfully, Ruby save the cub and bring her home. 

I loved how details the description about how India looks like and what is the holy festival also about the Ganga river and I get to learn few Hindi words from the book's example like Monkey is Bandar in Hindi. Interesting, don't you think? 

Overall, When The Mountains Roared is a book that you would like to consider reading it especially as for this book does have a theme that you might interest in reading as I mentioned above and another thing like how the flow of the story is simple yet wonderfully written by Jess Butterworth is simply wonderful and I would like to say, you will enjoy reading the book as much as I do. Thus, I definitely recommended this book for you to read.


Eyqa Zaque said…
I cant read whenever the book mentioned about saving an animals. Huhu.
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