May Monthly Wrap Up

monthly wrap up

It's been awhile since my freaking monthly wrap up and I'm eager to do it again after so long. So, today I'm back to do a monthly wrap up as what I did in like 3 to 4 month ago? God, that's really long of not writing a monthly wrap up. Since I'm not jotting down anything of what I do, I watch, I read, I listen and I buy in the month of May, let's just hope I do remember each of it.

Anyway, let's cut the chase and jump straight into my monthly wrap up like, now;

monthly wrap up

My reading in May is really fun, the book is amazing and I truly enjoy my reading which I managed to read 6 books! Yay! Here is the list of books I have read and you may click the title to read my full review of the books.

monthly wrap up

The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo
Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi -
Breaking News (Kensy and Max #1) by Jacqueline Harvey -
Jake Atlas and The Hunt For Feathered God by Rob Lloyd Jones -
The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven -
Kid Normal #1 by Greg James & Chris Smith -

monthly wrap up

I do realize that I, sometimes did not stick to what I have already plan beforehand because man that's hard. When you got a new book in your hand that's when the plan starts to change lol, however, this month I am determined to finish books that I have already plan for the month of June. Anyway, let's see what books I plan to read.

monthly wrap up

Start from the top;

  • When The Mountains Roared by Jess Butterworth
That is the real title of the book and the book that I have received is an ARC format (thank you Pansing Books!). It's a middle-grade book about a girl who from Australia following her dad move to India and she felt devastated to have to move to a country she is not familiar with.
  • Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes #2 by Greg James & Chris Smith
Ah, the second in the series of Kid Normal. The first series is truly enjoyed reading and could not wait to start reading the second series of Kid Normal! I'm not sure what the book has for the 2nd series but I would like it to surprise me like how the first book did to me.
  • The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton
There is a mixed review from many book nerds who have read and review it, however, I am still looking forward to reading it. Psstt; isn't the cover look so prettyyy.
  • Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella
I picked up this book out of curiosity as there are many book nerds keep talking about how good Finding Audrey is thus it is on my next reading list!
  • Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index by Julie Israel
Many have said that this book is a sweet yet a strong reading which makes me wonder what it is about and can't wait to see how wonderful the book is.  Definitely excited to read.

monthly wrap up

  • Nothing much update other than, I discard the Disqus comment section because I just..felt like I want to use back Blogspot comment box.
  • I change my header..again! What do you think with my new header?
the infinity words
  • Thinking of changing new template but I think I should wait for their sale to buy a new template.

I guess that's all for my blog. 

movie/ tv shows
Watch the movie in early May, honestly I have mix feeling on this movie. Well, all the characters are amazing, it just that there some scenes in the movie that I don't really like, however, I do enjoy watching Avenger as it is my most anticipated movie in 2018 and now, I could not wait for the next Avengers!

The characters that really entertain me the most is Hulk because I just can't stop laughing at his joke and his clumsy characters. lol

How about you do you enjoy the movie?

movie / tv shows
So, 13 Reasons Why makes a comeback for their 2nd season. Honestly, I don't really like the first season because if you watch you know how devastated it was to see what happened to Hannah Baker. 

Anyhow, since the last episode is kind of hanging and I truly want the justice to preserve for Hannah Baker so, I give it a try for their 2nd season solely because of wanting to know what happened to all of them and wonder what is in for the second season.

I have finished watching the TV shows but my thoughts are the same as I felt in season one. Nothing change. Although there are many hidden things that appear in season two, I still felt.. I don't know how to say it but if you have not watch it, go and watch yourself but watch with your own risks.

movie/tv shows
Guys guys, have you watch this new TV shows from Korea called Busted? Goodness, I have finished watching the whole season one and I'm craving for their next season.

Busted is a game show that tackles mystery cases and they need to investigate the scene, find a solution on how to solve the mystery. It is really an enjoyable and very exciting Korean TV Shows.

Starring: Yoo Jae Suk, Ahn Jae Wook, Lee Kwang Soo, Sehun, Kim Jong Min, Park Min Young, Kim Se Jeong

Have you guys watch the TV Shows?

monthly wrap up

May has done well for me and June has begun also  Eid Ul Fitri in just less than two weeks! How times really flies fast. Fuhh. Anyway, how May have fared for you? Have you made preparation for Eid Ul Fitri? Let me know in the comments below!


Sofie Adie said…
13RW s2!!!! tak sabar nak tengok...insyaAllah nak marathon lepas raya aka lepas final habis.
Noor Maizan said…
Wah productivenya awak.. hehe. tak prepare untuk raya pun, sibuk nak kenduri, hehe.
Syiera Firdaus said…
Rajinnya reading. Btw selamat hari raya
Mijablur said…
Finding Audrey macam best je... Persediaan raya semua ok haha

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HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
bestnye dpt baca byk buku...i like sophie kinsella too...
Shafyqah Azahar said…
banyaknya baca buku! jeles. hahaha masih kerja kurang mood nak raya huhu
Eyqa Zaque said…
My God congrats for 6 books! I only manage like one or two on May. Lols. Time really consume me alive. I enjoy The Avenger as well as you do and when it comes to drama im a really noob person. the only kshow I enjoy is Running Man despite all the rumors that RM was not the same without Gary.

I've tried busted too but it didnt seem fit my interest. Arghh. Therefore I feel book is so much better but I have so little timee. huhu.

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ray said…
and I'm still stuck with one book for a month. wish I can make more time to read books.