6 July - It's My Birthday!!


my birthday


Okay, I feel like I'm shouting now lol Syukur Alhamdulillah. :) But anyway, today is my birthday and I'm having a nice, pleasant day with my family. Having birthday dinner at Kenny Rogers in Paradigm Mall which so wonderful.

By the way, yesterday I decided to purchase myself a birthday present! You know, it's like a shopping therapy for yourself by buying something that what your hearts truly want which is, of course, I buy a book - only one book, though.

and that book is *drum rolls, please*

prolog media

Yeap! Jika Aku by Anna Lee. I'm hook by Siqah's review on this book and it keeps me wondering how the stories and this is the only copy left on the bookshelf so, I just grab it as fast as I can. To be honest, I was at the bookstore yesterday for like one hour and a half looking for more books by Prolog Media to grab but there are not many titles left on the bookshelf which is a bit disappointing nonetheless, I still satisfied that I got a book that I want for so long. I cannot wait to start reading Jika Aku by Anna Lee!

I remember last year I made a post on 26 Life Lessons (You may click to read) which I can say, I have achieved 24 out of 26 and I feel fantastic especially on "Never let yourself hurt by someone who gives criticism over things you do" in which I succeeded by turning that criticism into a positive one and not hanging to those hurtful words! 

Anyhow, I would like to express my gratitude to those who wish my birthday today - 

Thank you very much, your words have really made my day. Again, thank you! Love you, gais xx

Fatina Mudz xx


Sofie Adie said…
happy birthday to you fatina!!! still look young and pretty!
happy birthday. have a blast year ahead =D
Afifah Nabila said…
Happy birthday sis! May Allah bless you with a happy life :)
Tyra Dayana said…
Happy Birthday Fatina!
July is my birthday month too but I already bought things for myself eventhough is not my birthday yet. ahhaa

Hope you have a blast throughout this year!

Fatina said…
Thank you, Sofie :D <3
Fatina said…
Thank you, Siti! :D <3
Fatina said…
Thank you, sis! :D <3
Fatina said…
Thank you, Tyra! :D <3

Yay! #JulyBaby

hahaha I do understand that. It is something beyond our control when you find something good, isn't it :D

You too Tyra, have a blast throughout this year, okay!
Mijablur said…
Happy Birthday Fatina 😍😍😍
Fatina said…
Thank you, Erni! :D <3