A Hilarious Stories Floating Across The Country With Hot Air Balloon?? // ARC Review | Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny by Kita Mitchell


Illustrated by: Nathan Reed
Publisher: Orchard Books, Imprint of Hachette Children's Group
Publication Date: June 28th, 2018
Series?: Yes, Book 1
Genre: Middle Grade
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Source: Received a copy from Pansing Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Pansing Distribution!


Warning: Do not give this book to your own grandma or she might get ideas.

Dangerous activity must only be undertaken in the company of a 'responsible' adult.

Ollie's dad is missing - but Grandma Dangerous is on the case! She has a hot-air balloon, thirty packets of biscuits and a pooch with magical powers (she says).
But as they sail through the skies, Ollie realises they're not just on a rescue mission...
Grandma's on the run!

That third paragraph of the first chapter of this book, right when I started my reading, I was shocked by the character's name - Ollie. My goodness! It is my cat's name lol I could not help myself to imagine my cat when I read it but as my sister said, 'that's good! You can imagine Ollie as a human, now,' and I was like, 'yeah, that's a good idea,' but you know, it's hard.

 A Hilarious Stories Floating Across The Country With Hot Air Balloon?? 

Nevertheless, let's get back to the book, Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny is undoubtedly a witty stories with the grandma who is really cunning when she promises to Ollie's mother to taking care of him, to make sure he goes to school every day, doing his homework and all instead, she brings her grandson traveling to Australia with hot air balloon. Can you imagine that? Oh, not to forget, when she tried to hide the fact that she took the dog not found it. Regardless of that, Grandma Dangerous a.k.a Grandma Florence is a superb grandma and very adventurous since she is an explorer.

Here comes, Ollie, a boy who not really sure whether he could be an explorer like his dad and also constantly worried about almost everything even so he tries his best to follow the plan by his grandma and his friend who is out of nowhere wants to come along - Piper. And there is a dog of destiny as claimed by Bert and Ed also Ollie's grandma, although, it seems like he did nothing throughout the journey but he sure is lucky in some way which I don't want to reveal what is.

The plot of the story is a totally well-written with an addiction to the beautiful illustration that could really make the book interesting to read as you know, the target audience of this book is especially for the kids even myself as an adult find it so entertaining to read, I believe kids who choose this book to read will get the same feel.

All the characters are definitely likable. I just love them all. Their wittiness, hilarious side, the annoying side from each of them also when they are clumsy - I just feel it is so cute and loveable at the same way. I totally enjoy their conversation throughout the whole reading. However, there is only one character that I find super incredibly annoying is Bruce. God! He is the most irritating person ever! He is like using people's worst into his own good. It's like when you watch a movie, there is a villain character, right? It kind of like that except he is not a villain, it just annoying to the max.

Overall, I am so entertaining from the beginning of my reading to the end of the chapter and I do know that I want it more because I just love the stories and enjoy my reading.

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