A Power That Can Turn A Man To Madly In Love With You // Book Review: Arrowheart by Rebecca Sky

book review

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Publication Date: June 14th, 2018
Is a series?: Yes. The Love Curse #1
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy
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Source: Huge thanks to Pansing Books for the review copy.


The gods are gone. 
The people have forgotten them. 
But sixteen-year-old Rachel Patel can't forget - the gods control her life, or more specifically, her love life.

Being a Hedoness, one of a strong group of women descended from Greek God Eros, makes true love impossible for Rachel. She wields the power of that magical golden arrow, and with it, the promise to take the will of any boy she kisses. But the last thing Rachel wants is to force someone to love her . . .

When seventeen-year-old Benjamin Blake's disappearance links back to the Hedonesses, Rachel's world collides with his, and her biggest fear becomes a terrifying reality. She's falling for him - a messy, magnetic, arrow-over-feet type of fall.

Rachel distances herself, struggling to resist the growing attraction, but when he gives up his dream to help her evade arrest, distance becomes an insurmountable task. With the police hot on their trail, Rachel soon realizes there are darker forces hunting them - a group of mortals recruited by the gods who will stop at nothing to preserve the power of the Hedonesses - not to mention Eros himself, who is desperate to reverse the curse . . .

Rachel must learn to do what no Hedoness has done before - to resist her gift - or she'll turn the person she's grown to love into a shadow of himself ... for ever.


Arrowheart is a story follows the main character, Rachel, a girl who has the power to turn a man from a person who has no feelings for her to a person who is madly in love with her. She's not the only one who has been gifted with the special ability there are several other girls too have the same power as her - power of a Hedoness. 

For Rachel, she hates the power that she has. She thinks it is not fair to make a man fall in love through that way. Thus, she tries her best to avoid using her power to turn a man. To her, it feels like a curse to have such ability.

The main character, Rachel, an Indian girl is in conflict with the power she has. She wants a true love that a man falls in love with her not by using her power. She wants to live a normal life like any other human being. Although, I was annoyed with her during the first two chapters, however, I can see the development from her character change throughout the story which is wonderful to see.

My thought for this book is..well, I'm having a hard time deciding between loving this book or the opposite of it, somehow, I'm in the middle of it. Undeciding. The story premise was interesting with based on Greek mythology, yes, I'm on it. It just that I'm having a hard time to connect with the story. There are several times during my reading that I got lost. 

During in the middle to the end of the book that I, finally get connected with the story and start to enjoy my reading and it broke my heart when Rachel has to sacrifice her love for Ben for his own good though it's hard for her. But alien? That's kind of weird on that part, actually.

Overall, although, I'm having a hard time during reading the book as a story plot was a little bit messy but it's good. Even that, I think I will be looking forward to the next installation of the series because why not? So, if you are a fan of Greek Mythology that happens in modern days, you may want to try reading this Arrowheart, who knows you might going to love this first book more than I am.

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