New Edifier W310BT Stereo Headphones - A Fantastic Wireless Headphones Made For You

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As a person who loves listening to music everywhere and anywhere while also watching movies on my smartphone and laptop, I think having a wireless headphone is a must. One, for the convenience of no wires around me that I have to worry about. How does that sound to you? Interesting? I bet you are because I am blessed to have this fantastic wireless headphone to share my experience with you.

I'm not going to touch much on the technical aspect since I am no expert on that part; therefore, I will skip on that part. Before anything, I think I should share the photo of unboxing Edifier W310BT. Without further delay, let's get started;

I did make a video of myself unboxing Edifier W310BT. However, I had some issues with the video, and so I've decided to take photos instead. Ops! Here it is:

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Here are the pictures of Edifier W310BT. It is a neckband Bluetooth stereo headphone that literally hangs on your neck. Inside the box, you will have a user manual that will help you on how to use the headphone (of course, that's the function of it, right?😋). Then, you have a replacement of earmuffs for right and left (who knows what will happen to your earmuffs so, they provide you with hat) and lastly, a USB charging cable, well to charge your headphone, of course.

There you go my super simple unboxing Edifier W310BT. Now, onto what do I feel when I'm using these nice Edifier headphones and how it literally makes my life easier when using this headphone.

As a reader, you are not only limited to read on physical books or/and ebooks but we will also have an option to listen to an audiobook (it is a recording of a novel) that I am trying out right now, and I'm having lots fun of trying the audiobook. That being said, I always opt to listen to it using my earphone (as to avoid any distraction if I listen to the radio) which has wired with it that is sometimes quite an inconvenience when it comes to it. On that account, having a neckband Bluetooth stereo headphone truly helps me a lot which I can listen to while I'm laying down on my bed or when I'm doing some stuff without having to hold my phone. How cool is that?


Besides that, the convenience of using Edifier headphones when I'm going for an outing at the park is I do not have to hold my phone I can just put it in my pocket, and I can walk comfortably, enjoy the surrounding as I didn't have to worry about snapping the wires off from the phone.

During doing my house chores, I need music to listen to without having to worry about the noise if I put it loud on speaker thus put earphone on is always the best choice. That being so, I can just connect the headphone either through the laptop or phone and enjoy my song playlist while doing house chores.

I am definitely grateful to have a super cool gadget that makes me using the headphones at anyplace I want to. On the other note, you can listen on Edifier W310BT headphone for about 8.5 hours which means you need to charge the headphone for about 3 hours. By the way, the battery life will be display on your phone also when there's red blinking on your headphone that's indicate the battery is low so, grab your charger and charge it.

If you're looking for a headphone that gives you the convenience with high quality, you may want to give Edifier W310BT Neckband Bluetooth Stereo Headphones a try. Who knows you will love it as much as I do.

I, honestly, love Edifier W310BT headphones not only because how convenience it but it also comfortable to hang it on your neck and the earmuff is really soft which makes me enjoy listening to music/audiobook with Edifier W310BT also it gives me the cool vibe.

Huge thanks to Edifier Malaysia and Inter-Asia for sponsoring me these amazing W310BT Headphones!

If you are planning to buy Edifier W310BT, you can purchase it at;

➤ Shopee 
➤ Inter-Asia


Farah said…
Just checked the price. Not bad la juga. I have one from different brand, harga lebih kurang je rasanya. But mine, battery life dia 6 hours je T___T

So, I guess this one is more worth it than mine?
Soledad Ramos said…
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