#FatinaBorak: That Times When You Have So Much Thoughts You Want To Share


I think it has been a while since I last writing a post about me, myself and I. I miss doing this, just writing something that is what comes from deep of my heart. Hence, I decided to do it today without any plans of what I'm going to actually write here, I will just follow whatever comes to my mind.

Recently, I have been sitting in front of my laptop browsing through my blog to see what have I been posting on my blog which I found that I haven't written a wrap-up post like I used to do every month, I did not post anything under #FatinaBorak, basically, a post that is between me and you - more like a personal story (of course, not too personal). I think most of my post from these past months is more on reviewing either books or products which of course, it is a post that something I enjoy to write. But today, I feel like I want to just pour out things that I think I want to share with you.

Honestly, I have so many things I want to share with you, however, in the blink of an eye, I forget what I want to write here. hmm, That isn't cool at all.

Okay now, I remember..

➧ Still Looking For A Suitable Job

It's not that I hate my current job. I'm okay with it. It just that I truly want to have a job that gives me over 100% satisfaction. Something that you don't feel like 'it's just a work that you will do the same thing every day so, it will be just another day at work' which that kind of things have been lingering on my mind for quite some time and I don't like it. Hence, I decided to try to find a job that makes me happy and enjoy going to work without feel any pressure (I'm okay with lots of work I need to do and have to catch with datelines as long as I'm happy and enjoy, that's okay with me because it the same it is now).

Please, don't get me wrong. It's not that I'm not thankful for what I have now but for myself, I want to be able to find the job that I enjoy doing it, don't you think that's important? Now that I see my sister has secure her dream jobs, of course, I want it, thus, I have to make an effort to get my dream job.

➧ Reading

Despite the workload, I, honestly find comfort and my happiness when I'm reading. It is one of the best things that helps me to forget things that I don't like, it makes me explore the world, the character through the books I'd read. The best thing ever.

➧ Marriage

Ahhh.In three years I will be turning 30 and having no boyfriend yet is not something that I pressure about because I have tonnes of thing I want to achieve in my life but of course, there's once in a while I did think about it especially when people keep asking 'hey, you will be approaching 30s soon so, when are you going to get married?' like hello, who doesn't want to get married, I want to but I have not yet found my other half. No, I don't feel stress about it only annoyed with the question (when you have been asking the same questions for over and over again lol). You may ask me something else. aiyaa 💆 Instead of asking that, how about pray for me that I will find my other half soon. hiks.

➧ Cats

If you followed me on my twitter and/or Instagram account, you might know that I have to let go all my cats due to some unforeseen reasons, however, after a few discussions with my parents, we all agree to only taking care one cat instead of 8 cats. It was the most painful to let them go. They mean a lot to me and to my family although, we have one precious cat with us now, I can't help to miss my other cats. I hope they all are happy with their new families, Insha Allah. I cried almost every day whenever I think about them, it is still painful until now.

➧ Blogging Slump

The scariest thing for the bloggers is when you have lost your motivation to update your blog and/or even reading your own blog, am I right? It's more like a Blogging slump. These past months, I have been avoiding my blog. I have no motivation to write the monthly wrap up post or other posts that are not under review - that's so bad, I know. For that, I have been forcing myself to write at least one post like now, I'm writing this post. How can I get out from this misery of no motivation to update my blog? I need help!

What else should I share here? Hmm, give me some moment to think...

I could not think right now even though, I'm pretty sure I have more things I want to share, however, I have taken my medicine just now (I'm not feeling well, currently) that makes me super sleepy. I guess I shall stop now and I'm going to write more in this kind of session soon. See you in my next post!


What do you like to do during your free time?


Mayy Jie said…
Rindu nak baca sini. Sayu pula pasal kucing tu, harap diorang happy dengan family baru kan, jangan sedih-sedih tau Fatina.
atheera dayana said…
hi fatina!
dah lama tak baca post kt sini..it's okay i think it takes time to find the job that we love. for me, instead of finding the ONE, i tried to accept & put my 100% commitment on my job, Insyaallah it soon will paid off.

All the best ya!

☆ Atheera ☆
Anonymous said…
Asking questions are in fact nice thing if you are not understanding anything entirely, except this piece of writing provides nice understanding yet.
Sofinah Lamudin said…
Hi Fatina,,, Saya datang lepak sini.. hehe. In Shaa Allah kerja impian Fatina akan tercapai suatu hari nt. Tentang soalan soalan kawen tu, pernah juga rasa dulu. Walaupun belum umur 25 26 macam tu dah muncul soalan jenis macam tu.. hehehehe... Saja nak borak la tu kot. Actually, single ke kawen ke, dua dua pun fun... Masa single, enjoy dengan parent dulu, kawan kawan etc... dah kawen lain pula la enjoynya...

oh rupanya cat Fatina cuma satu ye sekarang dengan Fatina. In Shaa Allah yang lain happy dengan family baru... Fatina pun mesti happy selalu tau...
lullabyssz said…
most of them are on my thoughts too! except me letting go all of my cat and leave it only one at home because i cannot bare their losing tsk tsk. i also still looking for a job after finishing my study soon. i hope you'll find the suitable job soon, and also your ''watashi no ai'' hiks hiks
Nurul Atiqah said…
Marriage: alhamdulillah walaupun dah masuk 27 tahun, takde lagi makcik2 or pakcik2 even ayah sendiri tak pernah push the only anak dara in the family. maybe because they know saya bukan jenis yang nak berumahtangga haha tapi siapa yang taknak kan?

Cats: ahh sedihnya kena bagi orang jaga. well, at least they are in a good hand. Saya ada 12 ekor kucing sekarang but satu-satu kerap hilang ikut kawan2. kalau tak ada lebih 30 ekor sampai naik pening dah nak jaga >_<

Blogging Slump: I was in a blogging slump for 3 month than terus gagahkan diri untuk blogging "July & August Favourites". Maybe sebab dah hilang minat. Tapi saya cuba naikkan balik interest nak berblogging by getting myself a new blog template. Kasi cuci sikit mata yang dah jemu tengok blog template lama. It helps tho.

Free time saya mostly dipenuhkan dengan editing gambar untuk blog post and bullet journal. Lately I'm into bullet journal and illustration. Other than that, membaca. Beli buku banyak2 tapi selalu baca yang dekat iBooks je haha. Anyway sorry for the long comment. Love your blog and have a nice day :)
WANY said…
I can really relate to your blogging slump situation. Just yesterday I managed to post something worthwhile after months of being MIA because I thought if I don't write something now I wouldn't be back blogging for more months to come. HAHA I think one problem for me is to find a topic that feels original and personal to me. Anyway, all the best to you and hope to read more from your blog!
Hai Mai! :) Thank you for dropping by dekat blog Fatina ni :)
Insha Allah, Fatina pun doa dorang semua happy. Syukur sangat dapat 1 kucing Fatina ni :)

Terima kasih, Mai <3
Hi Sofi! Terima kasih Datang melawat blog Fatina ni hee :D Tuhlah kadang2 keluar nak lepak dengan kawan2 tetiba diserbu soalan begitu which is agak penat nak jawab rasa nak tampal kat dahi hehe Kadang rasa rajin jawab sajo hehe :D

Sedang enjoy dengan gembiranya dikala ini dengan family :D

Haah satu sahaja. Syukur dapat jaga walaupun satu :D Insha Allah, terima kasih, Sofi! <3
It was the most painful feelings ever! Please, don't let them go :( Insha Allah, you will find one suitable job too :D hehehe I is so shy. hiks hiks thank you! :')
It just that you have to force yourself to write at least something that is meaningful to post on your blog, right? I hope you going to post more on your blog as well. Thank you, Wany! :D
Hi Atheera! :D

Insha Allah, thank you, Atheera :D

All the best to you too <3