I guess I am Socially Awkward..Now?

a confession

I still contemplated whether should I write this post or not. But the thing is I want to pour the words out of my mind to somewhere without doing the talks. I guess that I already start to write, it's better to proceed, doesn't it?

There's a lot of things that I have in my mind. One that I'm afraid to share it and two, I don't have someone to share it with. Although, yes I have a friend, I mean, my very best friend and she's married and currently pregnant hence I do not want to disturb her so, I guess the only place is here - my blog.

The thing is what I want to share here is not a big deal. It just that sometimes you do need someone to talk with, right? I just realized I don't really have that many friends, although of course I do make friends at work and try to make friends on social media (Instagram, Twitter etc) and blog as well, however, I realize that I do not know how to maintain a conversation, I do not know how to start a conversation like hi and then, what? Does that mean, I am socially awkward or do I forgot how to begin a conversation? I guess I might forget how since my daily life is at work and then back home, mingling with my family and spend my time reading more.

If I have to be honest with you, I do not communicate and/or appear much on the WhatsApp group because one, most of their conversation are all about their kids sometimes games less general things and how am I supposed to include myself in that kind of conversation? What am I supposed to say? So, I just being a silent reader. Hiks.

This is why my life is always with my family, my cat and my books. To concluded this post as I have no idea what to write more other than confess to you that, yes, I am socially awkward and I forget how to begin a conversation even continue the conversation so, give me some ideas on how to not be socially awkward and makes the conversation continually wonderfully, joyfully. Lol

See you in next post.


yuha said…
me too!!!! hahaha but sometimes I just pretend and trying very hard to not be the socially awkward by smiling and bow? I don't know...but sometimes it's work. ^_^!
Shahida Dzulkafli said…
Samalah dengan akak.. Jadi jangan bimbang.. Fatin tak akan rasa pelik bila berjumpa dengan geng buku.. Cuma bila dengan geng yang tak sama minat je Fatin jadi pelik.. Bila kita lebih tumpukan pada kehidupan kita, kerja, keluarga dan hobi membaca memang kita akan nampak pelik dan tak berapa pandai nak bersosial.. Cuma tak perlu risau sebab keadaan ini bukan berlaku pada Fatin je..