Lazada 11.11 Blogger Contest


It's been a while since I last join any blogger contest. Now that I have so much free time, I decided to join the Lazada 11.11 Blogger Contest. The prizes sound super fascinating that been offered to the winner in two separate categories which are I can't help to join them. Honestly, I cannot wait for 11.11 to purchase my things on Lazada because of the good bargain price.

By the way, do not forget the 11.11 Shopping festival on Lazada! Click this link to read more about it.

Without wasting the time, let's jump into 3 products that I'm eyeing to purchase them;

What 3 products (or more) are you adding to your cart to buy during Lazada 11.11 Shopping Festival?

lazada 11.11 blogger contest

I have had shared about how good and well suit with my skins on my blog under the Beauty category of you would like to read about it. I have been using it and I truly love how it really cleanses makeup on my face also the rose scent in this cleansing mousse is so amazing. I need a new bottle of Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse as I'm already almost running out of it.
I feel like it is the time to buy a new sling bag! After scrolling on Lazada website, there are so many beautiful, elegant sling bag and I feel like I need to buy them all because you know, we always need a handbag to keep our things. Back to what I choose, this design looks super cool to me, not only I will put my purse, phone, my makeup, perfume in the bag but it seems that I could fit at least one book in that bag so, I think this going to be a perfect bag for me.

3. Diamond Fish MakeUp Brush Set

lazada 11.11 blogger contest

This cute brush set is specifically for my youngest sister. It is also a way to motivate her to do well in SPM examination this year. I love the fish shape of this brush makes it super cute makes me one it for myself as well. I hope she will be happy once I bought this cute makeup brush set for her!

4. Freeman Bare Foot Exfoliating Scrub Peppermint & Plum

lazada 11.11 blogger contest

My heel skin is kind of rough so, it was kind of annoying. This product is been recommended by one of my friends says that it helps to exfoliate calluses and rough heels which intrigued me to try them. 

I guess that's all for now. I am sure I cannot wait for 11.11 Lazada Biggest One Day Sale to purchase these wishlists of mine and I'm certain it will be more than what I listed here. Do not forget 11.11 Lazada Biggest Sale! Happy shopping.


Cikla Shahril said…
All the best...
Syaza Raihanah said…
I wanted to try Freeman Foot Scrub too as my heel also rough. I normally using the foot brush but I think using a scrub will help too.
Mama Pipie said…
Yeayy great value during 11.11 good luck ya
Shikin Razali said…
Best of luck, Fatina.. Semoga ada rezeki untuk awak..
el said…
tak sabarnya tunggu 11hb ni..nak topup brg make eheyyyy
Shafyqah said…
esoklahhh 11.11 goodluck!
Mama Pipie said…
Good luck all the beat