October Heal My Heart - A Monthly Wrap Up

monthly wrap up

After so long of not writing any monthly wrap up post, I decided to write it again but in different ways that I have no idea how does it is going to be, however, let's just follow whatever my minds and hands have decided.

The two months before October, it was the hardest month for me (and my family) and for that, let bygones be bygones and to be sure, I'll avoid from it to ever happen again in the future. I don't want to remember it as it was painful.

Now that has passed, October gives a lot of good memories and it does help me to heal my heart and gives the rainbow that I've been longing after those heavy rain that pours hard on me (and us). It was really a good month and I hope it will stay this way.

Here are the lists of what I've (and my family) been doing in the month of October which I am so thankful;

1. The taste of sweet milk and bitter dark chocolates


We ordered 4 different chocolate at Dip n Dip with 3 of them in Milk chocolate and only 1 in Dark Chocolate. My mind and body were on the happiest state that day. The benefit of eating chocolates is that it helps to improve your mood, makes us calmer and more content - www.rd.com

2. My life adventure with the characters in the books

Ahh, there's no need to tell you again how much fun I have with reading a book, doesn't it? I have read 8 books in the month of October which the books are and 3 of them, I have not yet written the reviews;

The 3 sets of Guinness World Records 2019 (my personal favourite is Gamer's edition!)
The Fearsome Firebird by Lauren Oliver & H.C.Chester
The Girl With The Lost Smile by Miranda Hart
⥁ Malice of the Dark Witch by R.D.Christ
⥁ Watch You Burn by Amanda Searcy
⥁ Caraval by Stephanie Garber

3. The new books step into my life and I will begin a new adventure with them soon

book haul

I bought three books last month (should be 3 books in the photo but I left it in the car duh). I'm quite excited to begin reading them. The books are;

⥁ The Lost Years - Pete's Dragon by Elizabeth Rudnick
⥁ Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson
⥁ Girl Online Going Solo by Zoe Sugg

book haul

The books I've received in the month of October is the books that I am truly looking forward to reading them all. Thank you, Pansing for these amazing books. And the books are;

⥁ Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu
⥁ City of Ghosts by Victoria Shwab
⥁ Unclaimed Baggage by Jen Doll
⥁ The Glass Town Game by Catherynne M. Valente
⥁ Lady Midnight - The Dark Artifices Book One by Cassandra Clare

4. The day I taste new ramen from Samyang that is Jjajang

ramen jjajang

If you are not a fan of spicy food, you should consider trying this - Jjajang. Anyhow, for a person who loves to eat spicy food like myself - I have to put some chilies in it. Other than that, it tastes good but it is not my personal favourite.

To conclude, October is full of fun activities that put my mind at ease and it has healed my heart. Going back and forth to the airport is something that I enjoy doing it, I'm not the one who is traveling to other states/countries but it is actually my sister for her jobs, no, it is her career. My turn to travel will come soon. Of the fun times with my families, foods, new books - they are my happiness and I really love it.

Let's hope November will be a better month for me, you and all of us.


Eyqa Zaque said…
Fatina pun nak jadi pramugari ka? Waaah. Hehe. Ahh. I've been blogging and reading slump a lot. Just manage to get myself into book this nov, rereading HP3 again.

Looking forward to see more of your nlog post this nov fatina!

Till then take care.😘
hahaha how I wish to be a stewardess tapi rasanya mau jadi traveller sahaja la sambil kongsi pengalaman semua cukuplah adik sorang sahaja jadi hee :D Mana tau HP3 will bring your reading on track again kan nanti pun ada keluar Fantastic Beast yang baru diwayang! :D

I'm looking forward to read your blog post as well, Eyqa <3

Take care too! :)
The Sunday Mode said…
oh my gosh that chocolate looks so good! Love how you included the benefits of eating chocolate as well ;)

Julia // The Sunday Mode
Aienienka Peter said…
Hope November bring you happiness ya~ banyak membaca ni~ terbaik!
It's really really good! :)

Thank you xx
I hope November bring you happiness too! :)
hehe gembira membaca :D
Eyqa Zaque said…
cant wait for fantastic beast, tu yg baca hp balik to avoid any missing facts. i mean, who is nicholas fannel again? ahahaha, and i just dont wanna google it, i'll reread the book instead *lol*
Anonymous said…
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