Big Bad Wolf Books Sale Preview Day 2018 Book Haul

book haul

The handsome Mr. Wolf has finally opened the door to his biggest and amazing book sale ever. I am fricking excited for this year book sale. Why? Because for the first time ever, I finally secure one VIP Pass ticket Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Preview Day 2018 which means I can get to enter a day early before Mr. Wolf open to the public. It was a great and wonderful feeling ever to be part of those who get Vip Pass.

The moment I enter the door of Big Bad Wolf Book Sale I cannot help but my eyes scanning the whole hall before went to the table that I have been waiting to get to that is Young Adult section. Gosh! This year Young Adult/ General Fiction/ Romance section (and other sections too), they got an amazing/new titles that I really really really want to have it at the best price which is paperback - RM 10 and Hardback at RM 12. I literally take all books that I have been eyeing like forever and have to sit near the wall to sort all the books that I need and will read.

That being said, here are my book haul during the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Preview Day 2018,

book haul

Tell you what, this year they got like lots of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child also Wizarding World Movie Magic and other Harry Potter's books that I saw there at Big Bad Wolf Books Sale which is magically amazing!

Let me share the book titles that I have bought;

📚 Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 & 2 by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Throne ↣ Add to Goodreads 
📚 Royce Rolls by Margaret Stohl ↣ Add to Goodreads
📚 Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys ↣ Add to Goodreads
📚 We Come Apart by Sarah Crossan & Brian Conaghan ↣ Add to Goodreads
📚 The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed ↣ Add to Goodreads
📚 The Potion Diaries: Royal Tour by Amy Alward ↣ Add to Goodreads
📚 Hollow City #2 by Ransom Riggs ↣ Add to Goodreads
📚 Library of Souls #3 by Ransom Riggs ↣ Add to Goodreads
📚 Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray ↣ Add to Goodreads

All these titles I have been eyeing for so long that I barely remember what the book is all about nonetheless I really do excited to read it soon. So, when am I going to start reading all these books? Well, I'm pretty sure whenever the right times come for me to read them and I'm definitely going to share it on my Bookstagram account.

Psstt; Big Bad Wolf Book Sale do a two contest on Facebook & Instagram that is #BBWKLSELFIE18 and #BBWKLHAUL18.

Mr. Wolf will be giving out RM 50 vouchers to 20 creative entries every day! and the most outstanding photo will be winning a grand prize of a 10-book Harry Potter bundle worth RRP RM 1,000 daily. Aren't that amazing?

I, honestly, have won myself 3 vouchers from 3 different photos under Selfie contest and Book Haul contest which I've already claimed it yesterday and will do another book haul soon in my blog.

So, what are guys waiting for? There are still time for you to win on those 2 contest (selfie & Book Haul)! May the luck will be at your side.

Anyway, for those who have not yet set your feet at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2018, please go and give a visit. Every day they add up new books and also new titles for you to buy. Seriously, just go and enjoy browsing the books.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2018 starts from 7th December 2018 until 17th December 2018. Be sure to be there!

book haul

Thank you, Mr. Wolf for the VIP pass and for having an amazing book sale! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you again, next year.

Happy book shopping, everybody! xx


Nini Hanini said…
AAAaaaaa I'm jealous! >.<
I've never been to one cause it's always held in big cities.
Hopefully one day I'll get there! Hehe
Mayy Jie said…
Wowww banyaknya borong... Selamat membaca :D