Ezbuy Online Shopping Platform Offers Affordable Shipping Service

Online shopping has become the norm to purchase goods. Be it groceries, furniture, clothing, gadgets, books and so many other things that been offered to us on online shopping portals. Many people choose to shop online because of the convenience of purchasing the products, easy to browse the products by categories and the most important thing in shopping online is that you don't have to face hassling in making payment, everything is right on the shopping platform for you to select what kind of payment you want to do and key-in your delivery address then what for your products to arrive at your doorstep.

Everything is online and you only have to either download their apps on your gadgets or just search their website on your laptop/desktop then enjoy your time browsing through their shopping portals. It really does makes our life easier, doesn't it?

ezbuy online shopping platform offers affordable shipping service

Nowadays, there are many online shopping portals for you to browse on and comparing the prices of the products also read reviews from other customers before making your final decision. That being said, today I'm going to share with you one of the best online shopping portals that you should start browsing on and making purchases and that is, Ezbuy. Have you heard about Ezbuy before? If not, need not to worry about that because I am here to share with you about Ezbuy and reason to shop online on this shopping platform.

ezbuy online shopping platform offers affordable shipping service

Just like any other online shopping platform you have been browsing (and perhaps shopping at) before, Ezbuy also offers to customers their products and service for you. Let's start about Ezbuy. Ezbuy is owned by Ezbuy Holdings Limited that founded in 2010 by people who aspire to bring quality products to the people in a convenient way that is via their online shopping platform. They have brought in millions of quality products from China, Taiwan, USA, Korea, and also local for the customers. There are a wide range of products from toys, clothing, bags, stationery, health & beauty, gadgets, and many more you can find it on Ezbuy. They have reached more than 3 million of customers from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Other than that, Ezbuy also offers lots of benefits to their customer. The best deal from Ezbuy offer to the customer is being a Prime Membership.

prime membership

So, what is Prime Member Service?

The international shipping price is always our main concern because to deliver the products from overseas to other countries will cost you a lot may be more than the price of the products itself. However,  the best deal in being an Ezbuy Prime Member is that they offer you the best, affordable shipping service at the best flat price. With Ezbuy Prime, it allows customers to make bulk purchases and the shipping price will only cost you at RM 8.80 nett regardless of the parcel size and the weight of the products. Doesn't that sound very intriguing to you?

Anyway, to enjoy this amazing affordable shipping service is by becoming Ezbuy Prime Membership by subscribing to Ezbuy membership programmed that is exclusive for Ezbuy existing customers. You may purchase the products from the Prime Lists which can be found on the tab at their platform.

There are two types of membership;

  1. Prime Lite (6 months): RM 99
  2. Prime Annual (1 year): RM 188
Prime Membership

For the first time customer who is still in confuse, Ezbuy also offers to you a Prime Trial for 5 days at only RM 18.80 anyhow in this Prime Trial, it has very limited wishlists. Prime Trial allows customers the flexibility in testing out the Prime Membership to see if it is worth a shot to be an Ezbuy Prime Membership. That's amazing!

Benefits of being a Prime Membership

a. Shipment Delivery

benefit prime membership

For Ezbuy Prime Member, the shipping method will only take about 3 - 5 days by the air while for bulky, heavy, items that restricted from the air, it will take around 16 - 22 days by the sea. Honestly, by being a Prime Member it does save lots of waiting time for your items to arrive.

b. Maximize Savings With Prime

Prime Membership

As a Prime Member, you will get the best savings. One, you will able to enjoy RM 8.80 on international shipping fee regardless of weight, size, and quantity. Secondly, there will be no agent fee on Prime eligible items also the sellers are more reliable and secure.

Here's the proof on how you will save a lot on being a Prime Member;

prime member

With Prime, you will be able to enjoy the best flat price for shipping fee and the best thing is that you will save more like the example is shown in the photo above - without prime, the total cost will be RM 1381.80 but with Prime, the 3 seater sofa will cost you at RM 1227.80 which save you about RM 617.20. How great is that? Super save, isn't it?

c. Live Chat Support

live chat support

A new thing has been added and available exclusively for Prime Members which is Prime Dedicated Livechat Support. Still in confuse? Having a doubt? Or basically, anything that you want and need someone to answer your questions, Ezbuy has makes your life easier with this live chat which the experienced Customer Service Officers will handle your Prime enquiries.

In conclusion, as Ezbuy Prime Members, there are so many great benefits and deals that available for you such as there are 4 million of products available on their online platform for you to choose and decide to make a purchase and the most important thing is the best deal flat price on shipping fee. Not only that, as a Prime Members you will get exclusive promotions and vouchers from Ezbuy, no agent fee on Prime Eligible items and lastly, annual members are entitled to get their wishlist approval to convert on 42 non-Prime products.

prime benefits

Registering for the First User

Now, you already know the great deals and benefits about Ezbuy. To enjoy shopping with Ezbuy, you have to have an Ezbuy account that means, you need to register first and then get start to a purchase with Ezbuy.

For the first time registration, you are going to receive an exclusive RM 15 cash vouchers along with additional 15% shipping fee discount upon registration when you register for a free Ezbuy account via this link. What are you waiting for? Register here to receive the cash voucher and additional discount.

12.12 Year-End Sale

12.12 year-end sale

Last but certainly not the least, there is great news for all of you to enjoy shopping with Ezbuy. There will be an amazing year-end sale happening on 12.12 hence, do not forget to register first and then you can have fun on browsing through the categories and make a purchase from Ezbuy. Enjoy shopping with Ezbuy and I repeat do not forget 12.12 Year-End Sale!