Book Review: The Little Grey Girl (The Wild Magic Trilogy #2) by Celine Kiernan

book review

Publisher: Walker Books
Publication Date: February 12th, 2019
Is it a part of a series/trilogy?: Yes, The Wild Trilogy #2
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy
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Source: Huge thanks to Pansing Distribution for the review copy in exchange for an honest review.


"The queen and her raggedy witches have fled, but the kingdom is not yet healed. The castle is haunted by memories of its brutal past. The ghosts are angry, and one of them in particular possesses a magic which may be too much for even Mup and Mam to handle."


The story now continues with Mup, Mam, Dad, Tipper, Badger, and Crow move to The Kingdom somehow, the Kingdom has not yet fully healed. The Kingdom has been cursed by the queen and one of the ghosts are angry with Mup and has posses magic that is hard for them to defeat hence, Mup has to find a way how to defeat the ghosts - The Little Grey Girl who absorb all the pain that cause by the queen.

I was fascinated by the story written by Celine Kiernan. Since the first trilogy of The Wild Magic, I was hooked and eager to wait for the story to continue. I like how Mup handle the situation even though she is still a young kid and the situation is really tough for her to handle but she manage it and I couldn't help but feel proud of her along with her best friend, Crow. The friendship she holds with Crow is so beautiful. I like how they work together and help each other. They stay side by side, no matter what.

The Little Grey Girl is filled with danger and I couldn't even sit still to know what will happen next and how can they defeat it. Despite, the tension arises, the beautiful friendship makes our heart warm by them. The second trilogy is magically amazing and I enjoy the story and cannot wait for the next instalment.