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April 11, 2019

Malaysian Book Blogger Part One

Hello, fellow bookworms, bloggers and everyone who stop by on my blog 👋

Part One

There are many ways to share and spread love toward books. Be it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and also Blog which is amazing and I am so happy to be part of the book community and get to know many book lovers from Malaysia and all over the world.

With the launch campaign of #MalaysiaMembaca, the first thing, I want to share are these amazing Book Bloggers from Malaysia who have done a wonderful job of sharing their thoughts on the book they have read either Malay novel and English novel. Hence, I would like to introduce you to these fellow book bloggers whom I follow their blog as well as their bookstagram account.

However, there might be more Malaysian Book Bloggers than what I know right now so it will be wonderful if you do share them in the comment down below and I'll update it on the second post also I'll put it under the tab that will be found my menu above.

Pssttt: There are some of them I haven't talk to before because I am too shy but hello, your blog is awesome and I love reading your reviews 💕

Without further ado, let's get started;

⚡ Of course, the first one will be me, Fatina from The Infinity Words. 😎  Well, you're here on my blog, umm, hello 😇

Malaysian Book Bloggers

⚡ Eyqa from The Hundred Pages

Malaysian Book Bloggers

⚡ Jessica from Endless Chapters

Malaysian Book Bloggers

⚡ Naadhira from Legenbooksdary

Malaysian Book Bloggers

⚡ Rahil from Rahil's Reading Rubies

Malaysian Book Bloggers

⚡ Ika from Jari Jemari Menari

Malaysian Book Bloggers

⚡ Kevin from Bookevin

Malaysian Book Bloggers

⚡ Carmen from Bookiemunchie

Malaysian Book Bloggers

⚡ Samantha Sim from A Wondrous Escape

Malaysian Book Bloggers

⚡ Joanna from Skavansieur

Malaysian Book Bloggers

I guess that's all for now. See you in my next post. xx

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Rasya said...

New blogs to visit! https://media2.giphy.com/media/5GoVLqeAOo6PK/giphy.gif

Btw, did you disable your right click? It's not really convenient to visit the links above "cause I need to go back and forth between their sites and yours. Or maybe you can edit the link html and make it into open into new tab automatically when clicking the link.


Nurul Afifah said...


Sha Mohamed said...

Ramai.. ada yang kenal dan ada yang pertama kali tahu..

Joanna C. said...

Hello! It's Joanna from @skavansieur! Thank you so much for including me into your list, I'm really thrilled and feeling warm inside! Please do not feel scared or shy to chat with me sometime! I'd love to connect and build friendships with fellow book bloggers, especially from Malaysia!

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