Master Pasto: 3-Minutes Wonders Instant Spaghetti

I'm definitely will the first one run to the kitchen when I heard my mom cooks spaghetti. I really love eating spaghetti bolognese SO much. Therefore, when I heard there is instant pasta that only ready in 3-minutes, you know that I am for sure want to try it.


Here I would like to introduce to you a Malaysian Pasta from Master Pasto that is manufactured by Lioco Food Industries Sdn Bhd in Penang, Malaysia. It only takes a 3-minutes wonder to cook this instant pasta in only two ways which are;

1. You can boil it in water and/or
- Firstly, boil the water and then put the two "Flexy Packy" into the boiling water for 3-minutes and lastly, cut open and pour the spaghetti and the sauce in your plates and it is ready for you to eat!

2. By heating them in Microwave
- Pour both of the spaghetti and the sauce into your plates, insert them into a microwave for a minute and then, it is ready for you to enjoy the food. Yummy!

This Instant Spaghetti from Malaysia that been packed separately in "Flexy Packy" that one has spaghetti noodles and another one is the sauce. The most important here is if you decide to heat through microwave, you need to put the ingredients into a plate. Do not heat directly with the "Flexy Packy". 


Isn't that super easy? It seriously makes your life easier for you to have them ready in 3-minutes. 

Anyway, there 3 types of instant spaghetti from Master Pasto. There are;

1. Master Pasto Spaghetti Bolognese
2. Master Pasto Aglio Olio with Chicken
3. Master Pasto Mushroom with Sauce

Here, I include my short video of Master Pasto Instant Spaghetti Bolognese that I make;

Spaghetti Bolognese

Here are my thoughts;

In all honesty (without any bias from me), I really do enjoy that it is ready in only 3-minutes which means I don't have to wait long for my spaghetti to cook especially when I am really hungry. So, it is really helpful that it can be reheat in 3-minutes. I can enjoy them whenever and wherever I want. Since spaghetti bolognese is my utmost favorite, I am truly excited to try them first and the result after indulging them is really delicious and it is up to my liking. I love the spaghetti bolognese sauce and it has quite a number of chicken in it which another reason that really put a wide smile on my face when eating them. Overall, I really do enjoy instant spaghetti. For me, it is delicious. And, I am so excited to bring them along during my vacation. Seriously, eating instant pasta right after you swim is a MUST. 

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Honestly, with these 3-minutes instant spaghetti ready meal, you can bring them anywhere you go. Be it, to the office where you can have them during lunch hour when you are too lazy to go out so if your office has a microwave why not bring a packet of Master Pasto Instant Pasta to your office. It surely hassles free. Not only to the office, but you may also bring them when you travel across the state or even abroad. Master Pasto Instant Spaghetti is definitely Malaysia Halal Food and it is certified which you don't have to worry when you can't find any halal restaurant during traveling. What even more is that no added MSG and no added preservatives. Isn't that wonderful? In addition, to this best spaghetti, you may give it to your family members, relatives, friends or whoever you met as souvenirs from Malaysia. 

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You can get it Master Pasto Instant Spaghetti in a bundle of 4 packs at only RM 31.60 which is cheaper. To know more about the price, you may visit their website.

For more information on Master Pasto Instant Spaghetti, you may click below;

what do you think?

Have you tried it?

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