My Reading Spreadsheet + Free Spreadsheet

I, constantly forget which books I have read and which I haven't read yet. It has continuously happened even though thank you to Goodreads app where we can track our reads yet I get mixed by it and I am tired to scroll down the list books I have read. The annoying struck me hard during scrolling down through the list is real because most of the time, my thumb decided to press something else - that is frustrating! Duh, that's truly frustrating.

Anyway, one to two years ago I saw many have shared their ways to track their reading and all which I was so interested to make one. One of them is, they make a reading track on a spreadsheet and that was really cool. I decided to make one, though, I honestly only finally make (read: force) myself a reading spreadsheet early this year. There are many different kinds of things they do on their spreadsheet but here is mine that kind of simple yet I love it and it is really really helpful. So, here I am sharing with you my personal reading spreadsheet.

p/s: I would like to give my thanks to SB Sarah, Book Riot, Kaleena from Reader Voracious and many other more from Book Bloggers to Booktubers for sharing how to make this amazing spreadsheet especially on using those function because I was so confused to use it. Thank you so much!💕

Without further ado, let's get into my reading spreadsheet 👇


Here is my list of books I have. It is easy for me to track how many books I have and from whom I received and whatnot. Honestly, I have not yet finished listing it yet included the empty rating that I gave for each book. Yeah, lot of works to do but I'm happy to do it.


On the next page is my list of 2019 reads - one that I plan to read also books I have finish read in 2019. This one is important as I will translate into a chart to see the statistic of books I have read in 2019.


Here is what I mean. The reading statistic from 2019 reads' sheet. Also, I include in here are, favourite book of the month, blog tour I participate in, books I read per month and books I have read. In this particular sheet, there are only two things that are taken from 2019 reads which will be automatically added by itself which are books by genre, pages count and rating (it is under the books by genre that unfortunately can't see in here). Other than that, you have to manually add by yourself.


Well, this one would be a list of books I have not yet read. I am still working on it. Trying to get through which books I have not yet read hence the empty page.


Onto the next sheet is the monthly To-Be-Read. Here is where I list down books I'm planning to read and tick the checkbox when it is already read and reviewed. If not, I won't tick that box and the last sheet is the calendar.

Honestly, having this reading spreadsheet has truly made my life easier. I can track my reading and add more books in the TBR sheets whenever I found them online. 🙈

Anyhow, if you would like to have this reading spreadsheet, here I share the one I make. The link that I give you is in 'view only'. For you to use, you may click at 'File' and choose 'make a copy' - now you can use, edit it with how you want it to be.

Well, I hope you enjoy using the reading spreadsheet if you download it. 

Do you use a Google Spreadsheet to track your reading?
How do you track your reading?

Do share with me in the comment below 👇


Rasya said…
OMG you're so organized! And thank you for the spreadsheet! Would use it well *wink*
Eyqa Zaque said…
Thank u Fatina! Okay its time to be organized!