Book Review: Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Book Review

Publisher: Hutchinson, Penguin Random House
Publication Date: March 5th, 2019
Genre: Historical Fiction
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In 1979, Daisy Jones and The Six split up. Together, they had redefined the 70’s music scene, creating an iconic sound that rocked the world. Apart, they baffled a world that had hung on their every verse.

This book is an attempt to piece together a clear portrait of the band’s rise to fame and their abrupt and infamous split. The following oral history is a compilation of interviews, emails, transcripts, and lyrics, all pertaining to the personal and professional lives of the members of the band The Six and singer Daisy Jones.

While I have aimed for a comprehensive and exhaustive approach, I must acknowledge that full and complete accounts from all parties involved has proved impossible. Some people were easier to track down than others, some were more willing to talk than others, and some, unfortunately, have passed on.

All of which is to say that while this is the first and only authorised account from all represented perspectives, it should be noted that, in matters both big and small, reasonable people disagree.

The truth often lies, unclaimed, in the middle.

This is one of the books that has evoked my interest from the first time I heard about it through one of the Booktubers and I was like, 'this book is really something and I am so interested to know what it is about' so now, here I am, finished my read and I was so SO Good.

Daisy Jones & The Six has totally made me so invested in reading about it. The fact that Daisy Jones & The Six is a fictional story, I couldn't help myself but to Google about this band to see whether they existed in the real world. Now, you know how invested I was in this book to make me Google about it. The author's writing was so mesmerized me that I felt the band was real. That shows how amazing Taylor Jenkins Reid which makes me want to read all her books. 

Daisy Jones, she is a strong, fearless, knows what she wants and stands upon what she knows is good. She is an amazing singer and songwriter. She fighting a battle within herself - the lifestyle she lives by is something that she knows she needs to find a way to make it right. She has a dream to be a singer and to perform songs that she has written.

All the women in this book are amazing. They are so powerful, very supportive with each other, no hatred especially Camilla. She knows how to use her words to advice them and be there for her husband, no matter what and how her husband is. I admire all the woman in this book.

"...I decided I don't need perfect love and I don't need a perfect husband and I don't need perfect kids and a perfect life and all that. I want mine. I want my love, my husband, my kids, my life. I'm not perfect. I'll never be perfect. I don't expect anything to be perfect. But things don't have to be perfect to be strong...." - Camilla. Daisy Jones & The Six, Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Billy Dunne, the lead singer of The Six. The husband to Camilla and a father to three daughters. He is a wonderful singer and a songwriter. He did what he knows the best for him, the band and his family. He is fighting the battle for so long and trying hard to stay sober for himself and his family. 

All the characters in this book are well-written and well developed. We get to see each of what they are and what they experience in their lives and what is their say - from their perspective.

Can we talk about the format? Taylor Jenkins Reid has written the book in - more like, I would say, interview format like the one you read in the magazine when they interviewed those celebrities though not with one question and then they answer it. No. Not that way. I do not how to explain this but I think it is more like when you watch a documentary shows on the TV and we listen to their story. It is that way but corrects me if I'm wrong. However, it was honestly, amazing. I like the format, though. 

The story flows smoothly and we get to follow the journey of this band right from the beginning, I mean when they are not in a band yet. The development of the band, the people, their lifestyle, the relationship, the demon they fighting on and on and so much more.

Overall, Daisy Jones & The Six is really an incredible read which almost makes me think they are real, not fictional characters in a book. I love Taylor Jenkins Reid's writing. It was raw, felt so real, following the journey of this band was amazing and those lyrics are so damn good! I couldn't be recommended more to you to read this phenomenal book - Daisy Jones and The Six. I truly enjoy reading the book.


Lotte Han said…
Oh this sounds really interesting, thanks for sharing!

Lotte |
Ray said…
coming here just triggers my inner desires to finish all my books but i am currently stuck with my wordsearch XD
Afifah Nabila said…
I'm so glad you love this book, it really was a great book and the character development for each character, especially Billy and Daisy was so well-thought! I was so emotional reading the later parts of the book, I looked like a mess by the end of the book😂 I'm so excited that they are making this book into a TV show but I'm just scared to get emotional over this book again haha