May Wrap Up - I Found A New Joy in Build A Puzzle Block

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It's the time to do a monthly wrap up post. I have been missing to write this post and here I am in front of my laptop ready to do it. So, hello everyone. How are you? I'm good, Alhamdulillah. It's already like in the middle month of June and I guess it is okay to wish you all Selamat Hari Raya and Eid Mubarak to everyone. You must be busy attending the open house, isn't it? Hope you guys enjoy and happy visiting your family and friends, ya!

Anyway, let's not waste time more, I shall begin my May wrap up. Here we go 🍀


🌴 Books I Have Read

First thing first, the priority one and the most favourite thing I love to share with you is, of course, books I have read. May is the busiest month with things I need to be done, cooking for iftar and whatnot which is not supposed to be a reason to not reading much but I guess 5 is an okay amount of books, right? 

That being said, here are the books I have read and reviewed;

🌰 Psikik by Husna Rosli (4.5) - It's been a while since I last read a Malay novel and I am so glad that I managed to get my hands on this book. Psst; Husna Rosli is also a booktuber. Should you want to subscribe to her channel, here click this link.

🌰 Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid (5) - This is my favourite book in the month of May and it safe to say that, it will be my favourite book in 2019. Want to know why? Do read my review!

🌰 The Steam Whistle Theatre Company by Vivian French (4.5) - I enjoy going for an adventure with all the characters in this book. Definitely an interesting read. 

🌰 Royal Tour: The Potion Diaries #2 by Amy Alward (3) - I..honestly enjoy the first book compares to this one, however, my energy has dragged away from writing a review on this book. Might be soon, I'm going to write one, certainly not now.

🌰 Watch Us Rise by Renee Watson & Ellen Hagan (4) - A book that makes me wish my younger self would be brave and be a fighter. 

may wrap up

🌴 Build a puzzle

Ever since my sister bought me a Petit Block from Japan, I started to enjoy playing with them and begin to collect them. I think I will share me doing the puzzle block in my blog and/or on my Instagram account. Anyway, last month my sister bought me another puzzle block from Korea which I haven't build it yet and another one (the Pikachu), I bought it at a toy store here in Malaysia. I can't wait to build them up soon. Truly love and enjoy building the puzzle block.

may wrap up

🌴 Book haul time!

So, in the month of May, I have four books to share. There are 3 English Novel and 1 Malay Novel. 3 of them I received a review copy from Pansing Distribution and another I bought. The books are;

The Bigfoot Files by Lindsey Eagar 
I haven't heard this book before thus I am so curious to dig into this book soon. It's a middle-grade book and from the synopsis, I find it very interesting. Can't wait to share my review soon after I finish reading it.

All We Could Have Been by T.E. Carter
The book has been published on May 2nd, 2019. So, do grab yourself a copy at your nearest bookstore! I just finished reading the book two days ago hence, I am currently writing the review. I guess it will be posted on my blog by tomorrow, I hope. Stay tuned!

➽ Snowflake, AZ by Marcus Sedgwick
The book is going to be published in September 2019. I have no idea about the existence of this book before and I am honestly curious as I saw the synopsis of this book on Goodreads that said, it centered on our health, our planet and us. So, that's something which I am looking forward to reading soon.

🍀 Thank you so much to Pansing Distribution for the review copy of these amazing books.

Shhh...Rahsia by T Sea
I asked my sister to help to buy me a Malay novel specifically published by Prolog Media and I told her to choose one book from Prolog that she think will make my curious grow when I read the book thus she chose Shhh...Rahsia by T Sea. I have no idea what it is about and I would like it to be that way so it won't affect my eagerness to read the book. 

may wrap up

🌴 Life so far...

My life in these past months has been good and wonderful. Alhamdulillah. Sure, it has some bitter moments that I need to face, right? Because, well, that's life. I just don't want to remember those bitter ones. I just want it to let go for whatever it is. Besides that, I love Ramadan. Enjoy spending time with my family. Shopping, eating outside together and all. It's wonderful.

Speaking of life, I just remembered that I downloaded The Sims 4 and oh my goodness, I have fallen in love with it! Yes, it is free to download last month and I quickly snatch it before it is gone. I have been playing The Sims since the first one and only The Sims 3 that I collected almost all packs. I guess I shall start collecting those pack for The Sims 4. I enjoy playing all The Sims games but I think..okay, I'm torn between The Sims 3 & The Sims 4 - both of them are just amazing in their own way. Get what I mean, don't you?

In other note, I seriously need a vacation.

All in all, May has been a wonderful month for me. Besides books, I have nothing to share. I don't watch any movies or watching drama instead I focus more on doing what I need to do. Hopefully, June is going to be an even better month for me and you too!

I shall continue writing my book review now. See you in my next post. xx

your thoughts?

How is your May? Puasa penuh tak? hihi 
Anyway, do you play The Sims games? 


Nurul Afifah said…
weyh banyaknyaa, im in a hump atm and i dont careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. you keep on saying about the sims and i actually downloaded it and i got bored. i got bored too easy.
Alaaaaa, I hope you will be out from your reading slump soooonn!
Indeed, if you play it every day and for long hours, you might get bored easily because I am too play it for less than 45 minutes for only one day in a week so I won't get bored hehe