Announcement: New Blog Domain, My Birthday + My First Giveaway

Hello everyone,

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How are you? I'm good. Alhamdulillah. As of now, it's already 1.12am which I know it is already late at night but it's weekend which means, I can sleep late. Hooray! Bak kata orang, malam masih muda. hihi It's been a while since I last write a post that is more personal rather than my always update blog post that is a book review. It's time to change. I want my blog to be more shining like it uses to be back in 2016. Back then, I posted many other things such as a discussion post, tag questions, beauty and so on. *Before that, I'm going to warn you, this post going to be a bit long. Rest assured, there is something magically amazing for you.* That being said, I have an announcement to make. It is important to me as this is my personal wish. And what was that? *drum rolls*

I purchased a BLOG DOMAIN for my blog! And I'm lovin' it 😍

I purchased it last Wednesday night and got it set up on Thursday morning by the technical team. It feels like a dream to finally have a domain for my blog. No words could describe how happy I am now. There are so many thoughts for months on either should I have a domain. Is it worth? Would I able to update my blog frequently? Am I able to commit to my blog? Then, last month (June) I told my dad about having a domain and without a second thought, he said 'go and buy it!' and that's what makes do it. Anyway, thank you Babah for supporting me, helping me to find a suitable name for the blog after I'm telling him what and how I want to do with my blog in the future which is very exciting. So, onto my blog name.

Personal, Lifestyle

Amazing Distance. Basically Books & Everything Nice 🔮

Why Amazing Distance?

After discussing with my dad of like choosing among all the name that suitable for what I aim for, I finally make up my mind with - Amazing Distance. So, why that name? Here's the quote that inspired me and with the help from my dad who comes out with the new blog name!! 😍

" The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." - Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut.

The reason I chose Amazing Distance because of how it suits on describing what I'm doing and will be doing in the future. Such as reading. The more you read, the wider the knowledge you get and that is seriously the most wonderful thing ever, isn't it? (that 'Amazing Distance' word indeed describes it well). Other than that, I'm planning one or two new contents on the blog. Because, why not? That is what blog is for, am I right? The most important thing is I love it and I hope you will be here with me and enjoy all the contents I'm going to share here.

July 6th - My Birthday!!!

It's my birthday today!! Yay! I'm a year older.

Happy Birthday to myself and Happy Birthday to my new reborn blog! I'm officially a year older by this date. 😍🎉🍰



In conjunction with my birthday today and blog rebranding, I decided to make a giveaway for the first time ever. I am so excited for you to join.

This is open to all Malaysian who lives in Malaysia. I will be treating you one book of your own choice at Bookxcess online or Buku Fixi. There will be one winner and the winner will be choosing either to buy a book from Bookxcess or Buku Fixi worth RM 25. It's your choice.

So, here is what you have to do for you to be qualified to enter the giveaway. It's very easy, I promise. ✋

*This giveaway will be conducted on my Instagram account so, do enter the giveaway from the Instagram post. Just click the link below.*

1. Follow my Instagram account (compulsory!):

2. Like this post on my IG

3. Tag two friends in my comment section.

4. Share this post on your IG stories and tag me in it so I will get notified.

*I will be choosing the winner through a random generator.

And here are the rules you need to know:

1. This giveaway is open to Malaysian resident only.
2. Giveaway runs from July 6th until July 20th.
3. Don't follow to unfollow, please.
4. This giveaway is no way affiliated with or sponsored by Instagram, Bookxcess and/or Buku Fixi of the prize. It's all by me who will be treating you.

I hope you will be joining my first giveaway. Have fun and Good Luck! 💓

Writing a blog with a new blog domain feels so weird but exciting, as well! I am honestly looking forward to writing more in the future constantly without fail. Wish me luck!

So long, The Infinity Words and hello, Amazing Distance. I hope we could work magically together! xx